elk summer location
elk summer concentration
migration route
migration route
elk migration coridor
elk summer concentration area
elk summer concentration area
Saw elk (mid summer before season, high and lots of them)
saw sevral doe deer
be careful (elk are in here but no way to get in or out safely)
saw a bull elk (also heard a bull elk to that i was bugling with)
saw deer
no luck
lots of sign but lots of preasure
Deer/moose sign (super fogy that day. saw )
wallow area with lots of sign
lots of hooved tracks
lots of elk/deer sign
Shot elk (shot a cow elk, 2015 second to the last day.)
Elk rub, lots of sign
elk wallo
Heavily hunted area
no elk sign (had some promise but never saw anything other then a few birds)
Saw moose (bull moose, mid day, where animal tracks crossed)
marshes with deer/trails
Camping spot/base camp
Deer/elk cow sighting
saw grouse