Teton Crest Trail, Thorofare, Beartooth loop and peak sesh, Gallatin Crest Trail (Jackson Hole to Bozeman) (400some miles, 50,000ft+ vert!)
Beartooth Mountain Climb

Crest Prefered High Route
Granite Peak Trip
Sawtooth Climb
Lake Travel Alt

Grand Teton Mission
Big Time Traverse

Crazy Peaks Extravaganza

Resupply package here or hitch to Cody
Start Gallatin Crest
End Crest Trail Start XC to Granite Basin
Begin Thorofare (Most remote area in lower 48 )
South Enterance Resupply in Grant Village
Cooke City Resupply
Potentailly Sketch, Look for West coulor to reach saddle
Coal Creek TH Start Route
Start Teton Crest
Castle Mountain!
E Rosebud Trail
Wolf Mountain!
End Thorofare
Gardiner Resupply
End Gallatin Crest
Hyalite Rez end or find mystic lake and walk to Boz
Elkskull campsite
Republic Pass
Electric Peak