Wanda Lake to Hell for Sure Lake
Hell for Sure Lake to Courtwright Resevoir
Le Conte to Evolution Basin
Climb from Copper Creek to Granite Ridge
Off trail to Lake Basin
Lake Basin to Dusy Basin
Dusy Basin to Amphitheater Lake
Chimney Pass (Possibly easier alternative to Cirque Pass)
Knapsack Pass
Potluck Pass
Cirque Pass (Class 3 pass. Leave the JMT just below the lowest of the Palisade Lakes and make a gradual ascent to the west to bypass a cliff in the cirque above the level of the trail. Ascend the western edge of the cliff on a series of ledges. Beyond this barrier, pass a tran on its western side, then ascend rock slabs and gullies to the broad saddle to the north. Descend a few feet on the north side and then traverse northwest across ledges to the outlet stream of Lake 11672 ft in the Glacier Creek drainage.)
Frozen Lake Pass (Class 2-3 pass.From Lake Basin, ascend to Lake 11600 ft in the cirque northwest of Vennacher Needle. Climb steep talus to the left-hand notch visible to the northeast. Descend the steep, loose northeastern side of the pass to the permanent snowfield below. Pass the frozen lake and then make a diagonal descent through a steep talus slope to a nearly perfectly round Lake 11520 ft in Upper Basin.)
Red Pass ( Red Pass ? Class 2 pass. After traversing and descending from White Pass, climb the easy but loose western side of Red Pass to its summit. Descend the eastern side of the pass and head toward Marion Lake. There is a cliff above the southwestern side of Marion Lake; this is bypassed by means of a gully in its northern side.)
White Pass (Class 2 pass. From Gray Pass continue up the stream a short distance to a round lake. Head eastnortheast from the lake to the basin immediately northwest of Marion Peak. White Pass is the almost level saddle low on Marion Peak's northwest ridge. From the top of the pass, climb the ridge leading to Marion Peak a very short distance in order to bypass a small cliff on the north side. Make a level traverse to the east across talus before making a gradual descent through some loose chutes until you are immediately west of and below Red Pass.)
Grey Pass (Class 1 pass. From Horseshoe Lakes hike north, past the largest Horseshoe Lake, to the steep slope that drops into Windy Canyon. Go northeast from this point, crossing the crest of Windy Ridge, and descend to the small lake. Traverse east along a small bench from the pond to Gray Pass, which overlooks the south fork of Cartridge Creek. Descend the southeast side of the pass by means of a shallow, grassy gully to the stream at the bottom of this canyon.)
Goat Crest Saddle (Class 1 pass. The south side is easy, but careful routefinding is needed on the upper portion of the northern side. It is best to begin the descent to Glacier Valley well to the west of the lowest of the Glacier Lakes.)
Grouse Lake Pass (Class 2 pass. Leave Granite Pass Trail at approx. 10300 ft, just below the lip of Granite Basin. Ascend the west side of Copper Creek to the meadow at the south shore of Grouse Lake. Cross the outlet of the lake, and circle the lake on its east shore. The south side of the pass is easy, but there are talus blocks on the north sides)