HAR002 (Pass Jefferson Rock)
HAR001 (Head east on Appalachian Trail. Blue-blaze trail on left leads .2 mile to Appalachian Trail Conservancy and roadside parking.)
HAR003 (Trail to ATC)
HAR004 (Stone steps; continue heading east.)
HAR005 (AT turns west on High Street; parking)
HAR006 (AT turns west)
HAR007 (Cross footbridge)
HAR008 (AT turns east after bridge walk.)
HAR009 (Cross US 340; Sandy Hook Bridge)
HAR010 (Blue-blazed trail leads to hostel.)
HAR011 (AT turns west; C&O Canal Towpath.)
HAR012 (Railroad)
HAR013 (Kepp Tryst Road)
HAR014 (I-340 underpass)
HAR015 (AT turns east.)
HAR016 (Weverton Road)
HAR017 (Follow blue blazes to the south for views above the Weverton Cliffs.)
HAR018 (Weverton Cliffs: Savor great views across the Potomac River)
HAR019 (Pass spur trail to Ed Garvey Shelter on right.)
HAR020 (Ed Garvey Shelter)
HAR021 (Pass blue-blaze trail; view to the northwest)
HAR022 (Continue straight; pipeline.)
HAR023 (AT turns east.)
HAR024 (Gapland Road)
HAR025 (Gapland Road)
HAR026 (Trail to Crampton Gap Shelter)
HAR027 (Rocks to the E)
HAR028 (Blue blaze trail to E; leads to Bear Spring Cabin (may be locked))
HAR029 (Side trail to W)
HAR030 (Road to towers)
HAR031 (Trail to shelter)
HAR032 (Rocky Run Shelter)
HAR033 (At turns W)
HAR034 (Powerline)
HAR035 (Terrain becomes open)
HAR036 (Turners Gap; U.S. Alt. 40)
HAR037 (Dahlgren Chapel)
HAR038 (View to SE)
HAR039 (Trail)
HAR040 (Monument Rd)
HAR041 (Road)
HAR042 (Mt. Verno picnic pavilion to S)
HAR043 (AT turns E @ jct. with trail to Washington Monument)
HAR044 (Washington Monument)
HAR045 (Powerline)
HAR046 (Telephone line)
HAR047 (Boonsboro Mtn. Rd)
HAR048 (Bartram hill)
HAR049 (Blue blaze trail W to Bartram hill)
HAR050 (Boonsboro Mtn. Rd)
HAR051 (I-70 footbridge)
HAR052 (Parking; Greenbrier State Park)
HAR053 (Trail to E)
HAR054 (Telephone line)
HAR055 (Trail to shelter)
HAR056 (Trail to Pine Knob Shelter)
HAR057 (Blue blaze E)
HAR058 (Blue blaze trail W to Annapolis Rock)
HAR059 (Black Rock view)
HAR060 (Pogo Memorial Campsite)
HAR061 (Blue Blaze Thurston Griggs Trail to spring; 300 ft.)
HAR062 (Trail to Pogo Memorial Campsite)
HAR063 (Trail to W)
HAR064 (Trail to E)
HAR065 (Trail to W)
HAR066 (Spur trail to the E leads to views)
HAR067 (Rocky top)
HAR068 (Rocky Descent)
HAR069 (MD 17; parking)
HAR070 (Blue blaze trail to the E; parking)
HAR071 (AT continues straight @ jct. with trail to spring)
HAR072 (Trail to shelter)
HAR073 (Ensign Cowall Shelter)
HAR074 (Caution: Loose rock)
HAR075 (MD 77)
HAR076 (Rock wall)
HAR077 (Rock stairs)
HAR078 (AT turns W)
HAR079 (AT turns W)
HAR080 (AT turns E; Warner Gap Hollow Rd)
HAR081 (PA 491 and Raven Rock Road)
HAR082 (Blue blaze to Raven Rock Cliff view)
HAR083 (Trail to shelter)
HAR084 (Devils Racecourse Shelter)
HAR085 (High Rock Trail)
HAR086 (Blue blaze trail to High Rocks view; 2 mi. long)
HAR087 (View Pen Mar Park)
HAR088 (Near PA/MD state border; cross rail road)
HAR089 (Pen Mar Road)
Views of the Potomac River
The Potomac River (The Potomac River flows through Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.)
Ed Garvey Shelter
Gathland State Park
I-70 Footbridge
Sunset at Pen Mar