S2B FS 251 alternate 3.84 m
S 2A riverfront alternate 2.8 m
S 2
S 1
S 3
S3A Clingman's Dome 6.60m
to Standing Bear Farm 4.81 m
AT 1
AT 2
AT 3
AT 4
AT 5
AT 6
AT 7
trail to 44 .86m
to camps 58 & 59
to Blue Ridge grocery 4.1m
to Cherokee grocery 8.0m
to Ducktown grocery 7.4m
Cherohala Skwy
Intersection with 68
Rt. 441 (to Cherokee)
Tapacoco Rd.
National Forest Road
Hiwassee River Rd.
Reliance Fly and Tackle (picnic supplies, deli, camping, bbq on weekends)
Fontana Road (to Bryson City)
Standing Bear Farm
Sycamore Road
Childers Creek Road
Route 30
Waterville Rd.
Joe Brown Hwy (Nf 40)
Old TN 68
N. River Rd.
Tellico River Rd
BMT/AT intersection 1
Cherohala Skwy
Webb Bros Store 7 days 9-5
Hiwasee Outfitters (Camping 8pp (32 per site minimum on weekends). Also Restaurant and snacks.)
BMT/AT intersection 2
BMT/AT intersection 3
Three Forks/AT intersection
Jacks River Trail intersection
Big Frog Trail
Licklog Trail intersection
John Muir BMT re-route (East Side)
John Muir BMT re-route (West Side)
Thomas Divide Trail intersection
Morganton Hwy Intersection
Skeenah Gap Road Intersection
Hwy 60 Intersection (Wilscot Gap)
Intersection of Sh. Bridge Rd. & Old Dial Rd.
Interection of Laurel Ridge Drive
MP 49.5 Intersection Hwy 2 and 76 (to Blue Ridge)
Boardtown Road
Route 2 Intersection (Dyer Gap)
Jones Cemetary Rd. Intersection
FR 221
FR 45
MP 92.3 Intersection with 74 and 40 (to Ducktown)
Highway 68
Highway 68
McFarland Road
Lost Creek Road
Aska Mtn. B&B
Toccoa Riverside Restaurant
L and A corner store and grill
Blue Ridge F, L, G (Save a Lot)
Pink Pig Restaurant (Thur through Sun 1100-2100)
Ducktown (Piggly Wiggly)
Green Cove Motel
Motorcycle Motel
Tapoco Lodge F, L
Fontana Village Resort F, L, G
Bryson City: F, L, G?
Cherokee: F, L, G (Food Lion)
Ball Mountian
Springer Mountain
Big John Dick Mountain
Little John Dick Mountain
Tooni Mountain
Wallaih Mountain
Rhodes Mountain
Dedennen Mountain
Tipton Mountain
Bald Top
lookout Tower
Brawley Mountain
Garland Mountain
Free Knob
Rocky Mountain
Scroggin Knob
Fowler Mountain
Flat Top Mountain
Hemp Top Mtn
Big Frog Mtn.
Buck Bald
Unicoi Mountains
Hazelnut Knob
Rocky Top
Sugar Mountain
Little Hawk Knob
Johns Knob
Strawberry Knob
Chestnut Knob
Big Fodderstack
Little Fodderstack
Stiffknee Top
Newton Bald
Hyatt Bald
Big Butt
Mt. Sterling
Clingman's Dome
Big Stamp Gap (Interection with FS 42)
Bryson Gap
Sapling Gap
Payne Gap
Lula Head Gap
Ledford Gap
Garland Gap
Bushy Head Gap
Hudson Gap
Mckenny Gap
Hatley Gap
Halloway Gap
Spanish Oak Gap
Rockwell Gap
Indian Grave Gap
Double Spring Gap - TN GA State Line
Deep Gap
Unicoi Gap
Tate Gap
Six Mile Gap
Sandy Gap
Hipps Gap
Moss Gap
Sled Runner Gap
Deep Gap
Mud Gap
Stratton Gap
Beech Gap
Cherry Log Gap
Glenn Gap
Big Stack Gap
Farr Gap
Yellowhammer Gap
Deals Gap
Sassafras Gap (Intersection WIth AT)
Upper Sassafras Gap
Martins Gap
Beech Gap
Pretty Hollow Gap
Davenport Gap
Max Epperson Shelter
Springer Mountain Shelter
Stover Creek Shelter
Fontana Dam Shelter sleeps 20, HOT showers (Hot Showers)
Dam Visitor Ctr HOT showers
Laurel Gap Shelter MP 274.7
USFS Thunder Rock Campground (Flush Toilets and showers)
USFS Lost Creek Campground (pit toilets)
Campsite 88
Thunder Rock Campground?
Lost Creek Campground
Campsite 93 MP 194.5
Campsite 90 MP 200.7
Campsite 86 MP 205.6
Campsite 81 MP 209.0
Campsite 77 MP 213.4
Campsite 78 (likely inaccesible)
Campsite 76 MP 217.8
Campsite 98 MP 220.4
Campsite 72 ?MP 223 boat in only
Campsite 74 MP 226.4
Campsite 67
Campsite 65 MP 231.4
Campsite 65 (if other waypoint is misplaced)
Campsite 64 MP 234.2
Campsite 63 MP 235.7
Campsite 63 (if other waypoint is misplaced)
Campsite 62 MP 237.0
Campsite 62 (if other waypoint is misplaced)
Campsite 61 MP 238.3
Campsite 55 MP 242.6
Campsite 55 (if other waypoint is misplaced)
Campsite 56 MP 242.7
Campsite 56 (if other waypoint is misplaced)
Campsite 57 MP 243.2
Campsite 58
Campsite 58 (if other waypoint is misplaced)
Campsite 59
Campsite 59 (if other waypoint is misplaced
Campsite 52 MP 250.6
Smokemont Campground MP 255.5
Campsite 50 MP 257.7
Campsite 48 MP 260.0
Campsite 48 (if other waypoint is misplaced)
Campsite 47 MP 264.7
Campsite 44 MP 267.2; 0.9 m W
Round Bottom Horse Camp
Campsite 38 MP 280.7
Big Creek (private) MP 286.8
Amicalola Falls SP Lodge
Possible Store Location
Gas Station Cafe - seen from G-StreetView
two wheels of Suches (Camping. Restaurant Sat-Sun 8a-10a and 11a-3p. Dinners only on Saturday 6-8pm)
Camp Skeenah (commercial campground)
Iron Bridge Cafe and Gen Store
Reliance -F, -G
Toccoa River
Shallow Ford Bridge
Bear Branch
Rough Creek - West Fork Trail to Right
Ocoee River
Woody Island
Little Rock Island
Cane Island
The Narrows
Pheasant Field Rearing Pools
Lake Cheoah
Big Creek MP 286.8
MP 0.0
trail split MP 184.2
MP 188.7 nominal to old trail
trail join MP 200.4
Carver Cemetary
Upper Cherry Log Cemetary
Board Town
Tunnel (West Entrance)
Tunnel (East Entrance)