Day 2: Zealand to Galehead (4k: Zealand, Mt. Guyot, S. Twin)
Day 3: Galehead to Greenleaf (Mt. Garfield, Mt. Lafayette)
Z - Day 4: Franconia Ridge hike (4K: Lafayette (again), Lincoln, Little Haystack)
Day 4: Greenleaf to Lafayette Campground
Day 1: Highland Center to Zealand Hut
Z - Day 1 with side trips (4k opt: Mt. Field, Mt. Tom)
Z - Day 2 with all side trips (4k': West Bond, Mount Bond, Bondcliff, Galehead)
Opt: Mt. Field
Opt: Mt. Tom
Opt: Mt. Bond
Opt: West Bond
Opt: Galehead Mountain
Opt: Bondcliff