Hawkins Mtn 2016.05.25
Boulder-DeRoux Trailhead #1392... the trail follows along Big Boulder Creek toward DeRoux Creek and DeRoux Campground. (I can't guarantee this is where the trailhead is because there is no signage of any kind... however, there is a small parking area and the topo map shows FS-4330-140 ending here.)
Sign for Boulder - DeRoux Trail... but there is no trail. (Since there was no trail we kept driving up FS-4330-140.)
Parked when FS-4330-140 became too narrow to continue.
Turn right and leave the paved Salmon La Sac Road... heading steeply uphill on FS-4330 (Drive 5 miles on FS-4330 to a junction with FS-4330-138.)
Turn right onto the unsigned 4330-140 (Drive FS-4330-140 for .5 miles to an obvious parking spot... a mid-to-high clearance vehicle will probably be required to get to the parking spot.)
Turn off of FS-4330 onto FS-4330-138 (Drive .3 miles to the junction with FS-4330-140.)
Come out of the trees to open ridge