Sublime to Crazy Jug
Bill Hall - Deer Crk - Thunder RIver - Tapeats
Elephant Hill Utah 3_29 2 (Length: 0.143 km (0.089 mi))
Confluence Overlook Spur
Elephant Hill Loop
Ruin Spur
Camp Spur
Bobbys Hole (Pappys Pasture)
Beef Basin Loop
Camp Spur
Camp Spur 2
Beef Basin Loop
Directions from Crazy Jug Point to Mexican Hat, UT, United States
Ruin Park Road
other route?
South Bass Trail
To North Rim Lodge
Road to Bill Hall trail
Quicker way out?
Alt. route sublime pt.
South route to Sublime pt.
Dogtown main entrance
Fishing parking?
Fishing parking?
Turn off to lees ferry fishing
Possible camp area
Turn off for south, what is this
Where does north go?
Railroad crossing?
Pasture wash
Gate for Havasupai res?
Turn off for 328
Hotauta Canyon (Hotauta Canyon)
Shinumo Creek (Shinumo Creek)
Bass Rapids (Bass Rapids)
Bass Canyon (Bass Canyon)
Trailhead (Trailhead)
havasu point camping
Road Camp?
Good campsite
Road to camp?
Quicker way back out?
South Sublime Route
More N. start Sublime Pt.
Lees Ferry Fishing
Crazy Jug Point
Sublime point
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12 Devils Pocket 3.3
10 Uphill Obstacles 1.6
03 Small Obstacles .1
21 Silver Stairs
13 Devils Kitchen Campground
01 Start 0.0
22 Confluence Overlook Trailhead 12.6
14 to Devils Lane 3.6
23 Rocky Descent 12.9
15 Left to Chesler Park
16 SOB Hill and Squeeze 5.2
17 to The Joint and Beef Basin 7.2
24 Follow Up Wash 14.0
04 Scenery .3
18 The Joint 7.7
25 End 14.8
05 Begin Switchbacks Down .6
19 Straight 11.2
11 Uphill Obstacles 2.7
09 Begin One Way 1.5
07 Bottom .7
20 Narrow Passage 11.8
08 Wash 1.2
02 Turn Around
06 Back Up Here
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Mexican Hat 261
Intersect waypoint
Kane Gulch Waypoint
Crazy Jug Point
Bill Hall Trail head
Trailhead (Trailhead)
Deer Spring (Deer Spring)
Deer Creek (Deer Creek)
Deer Creek Falls (Deer Creek Falls)
Bonita Creek (Bonita Creek)
Tapeats Creek (Tapeats Creek)
Thunder River (Thunder River)
Thunder Spring (Thunder Spring)
Tapeats Spring (Tapeats Spring)
Mexican Hat, UT, United States
Connect to sublime pt.
What is this?
Leaving BLM going to Canyonlands
Possible other route
Old Cowboy ruins
Tower ruins, good pic
Big Ruins
Farmhouse Ruin
Round Ruin
Round Ruin
Beehive ruin thing
Cool Campsite before entering park
Nice big ruins
More Ruins
What is this? Old Coral?
Main road south to Grand Canyon