South Maggie's Couloirs (Know before you go, only half these chutes go all the way through, even with a deep snowpack. Scout from bottom before dropping in.)
South Maggie's Chutes approach (Contour below S. Maggie's up the Cascade Creek drainage for a clear view of the chutes. Assess line options, then continue to Granite Lake and the summit.)
North Maggie's Ascent
South Maggie's Ascent (A good ascent for either peak, but best for Maggies South.)
Alternate North Maggie's Ascent
Glades (Many cliff bands to get caught in. Stay near skin track if unfamiliar.)
Bayview Trailhead (Best for accessing South Maggie's.)
Eagle Falls Trailhead (Best for accessing North Maggie's.)
North Maggie's
South Maggie's