Track-BobBolton-Pinon Mesa
Track-JK-Winter Mesa-CamelBack
UN 9ers N Unc Plateau
UN 9904
UN 9904-cutoff variation
UN 9430 -9295-West BM
JK-Track-UN 7182
Point 8759
Thimble Rock Drive 1
Open Fence?
Thimble Rock saddle
UN 7182
Park-UN 7182
Veer Right
Bridge on Satellite
Start up here? Looks least brushy (after initial brush)
Thimble Rock Point
UN 8620
Park for UN 8620 (Gate)
UN 9430-9295 saddle
Point 9223
Small bump
Saddle 8649 (btw UN 9295 &West BM)
Trail on Sat (E end)?
Gain Trail - follow trail west to summit
Unranked-Bug Point (no LOJ ascents)
WSW contour
Curve-drive to here? Short but brushy route to top
Uncompahgre Butte-Drive 1
Unc Butte-Drive 2
Poss. Park-Snipe Mtn
8765-Start? Less Brushy from here (thru trees to ridge - trail on ridge)
Unranked-Monument Hill
Soft-Rank-Long Point Mtn 9380 (only MikeG has done)
Long Point Mtn-Start?
Head up here? S slopes look brushy - aim for ridge
9980 SE Start
UN 9904-Park? Road looks rough to S
Road Jct on 9904
Road fades
Leave Road
Patterson Drive 1 - 38.3188, -108.1657
Unranked-Windy Point 9562
Windy Point-Park?
UN 9868-North Start
UN 9868-South-Drive 1
Road curves? (Snow on Sat.)
Unranked-Dead Horse Pasture-NOT ON LOJ
End Road? Shacks nearby
Park for 9430
Patterson-JK Start
Drivable to here?
JK stopped-N area?
JK stopped-E area?
Boundary-FS to the south
Park for 10012
UN 9980 NW-Park in loop (camp?)
UN 9980 SE-ranked peak - Notes: HP has been determined to be outside of printed 9,960'+ contour in this location.
Unranked-Wolf Hill 9247
Camel Back 6908
Winter Mesa 7068
West Benchmark 9276
UN 8410
UN 9868
Spruce Mtn 9731
UN 10012
UN 9980 - NW (1 of 2 ranked pks)
Patterson Mtn 7940
UN 9904
Snipe Mtn 9326
Uncompahgre Butte 9679
UN 9430
UN 9295
UN 8765
Pinon Mesa-West Poss HP
Pinon Mesa-East HP
Spur Road - Bob didn't follow this
FS Boundary (FS to the North)
OK to park here? - 38.8303, -108.7814
Bob Bolton's start for Pinon Mesa
8980-Drive 1 - 38.8966, -108.7424
JK Start-8980
8980-Drive 2
Unranked-Oak Hill 8500
UN 8980
Triangle Mesa 6255