Coney's Approach
Coney's Up
Coney's far uptrack
Red Lady Skin Track
Red Coon Skin Track
RLB mainline
Red Coon Glades
Coon Knob South
Evans Basin
Red Lady Glades
Double Top access route
Hank Barlow uptrack
exit skin
North lap track
main line
Double Top right chute
sneak line

Gothic SE glades
Gothic Spoon
Gothic South Glades
Gothic Wrinkly Rockslide
Snodgrass West 1
Snodgrass West 2
Coney's Mainline
Coney's right of the tree-rib
Coney's left of the bowl
Coney's bowl right
Avy Course Glades
Coney's skin track glades
Alison's scare
Coney's glades 1
Coney's glades 2
Standard Skin Track
Short Shot Extension
Short shot
Rental Shop Glades
Pumpstation 2
Indian Trail
Pumpstation 1

Winter Trailhead

Long Lake Death Gully
sled parking