04 Mt Whitney to Crabtree (mtwhitney;crabtree;MADT)
Horseshoe Meadow to Happy Isles
26 Little to Half Dome (little;halfdome;9EAT)
28 Little to Happy Isles (little;happyisles;5V2A)
20 Duck Lake to Johnston Lake (ducklake;johnstonlake;UP18)
21 Johnston Lake to Thousand Island Lake (johnstonlake;thousandislandlake;QRN8)
22 Thousand Island Lake to Lyell Creek (thousandislandlake;lyellcreek;RRH1)
23 Lyell Creek to Tuolmne (lyellcreek;tuolumnemeadows;1VBF)
24 Tuolmne to Cathedral Lake (tuolumnemeadows;cathedrallake;7USR)
25 Cathedral Lake to Little (cathedrallake;little;LJQS)
12 Lake Marjorie to Palisade Lakes (lakemarjorie;palisadelakes;BJQJ)
13 Palisade Lakes to Le Conte (palisadelakes;leconte;66NC)
14 Le Conte to Evolution Valley (leconte;evolutionvalley;AFMU)
16 Evolution Valley to Piute Creek (evolutionvalley;piutecreek;QA71)
17 Piute Creek to Bear Creek (piutecreek;bearcreek;MST7)
18 Bear Creek to Pocket Meadow (bearcreek;pocketmeadow;3D3J)
19 Pocket Meadow to Duck Lake (pocketmeadow;ducklake;RLKL)
05 Crabtree to Tyndall Creek (crabtree;tyndallcreek;P0BL)
06 Tyndall Creek to Bubbs Creek (tyndallcreek;bubbscreek;UER2)
07 Bubbs Creek to Matlock (bubbscreek;matlocklake;9STE)
08 Matlock Turnoff to Onion Valley (matlocklake;onionvalley;9T6K)
10 Matlock Lake to Rae Lakes (matlocklake;raelakes;128U)
11 Rae Lakes to Lake Marjorie (raelakes;lakemarjorie;NKCE)
01 Horseshoe Meadow to Rock Creek (horseshoemeadow;rockcreek;N4VR)
02 Rock Creek to Crabtree (rockcreek;crabtree;BG38)
03 Crabtree to Mt Whitney (crabtree;mtwhitney;LQT7)
Trail Crest
Thousand Island Lake
Sunrise Creek
Sunrise Camp
Silver Pass
Selden Pass
Rosalie Lake
Rock Creek
Rae Lakes
Pocket Meadow
Pinchot Pass
Pinchot Lakes
Palisade Lakes
Onion Valley
Muir Trail Ranch
Muir Pass
Mt Whitney
McClure Meadow
McClure Creek
Matlock Turnoff
Matlock Lake
Mather Pass
Marie Lake
Lyell Creek
Le Conte
Lake Marjorie
Kearsarge Trail
Kearsarge Pass
Johnston Lake
John Muir
Island Pass
Horseshoe Meadow
Happy Isles
Half Dome
Guitar Lake
Glen Pass
Forester Pass
Evolution Valley
Evolution Lakes
Duck Lake
Donohue Pass
Tyndall Creek
Virginia Lake
Wallace Creek
Whitney Portal
Cathedral Pass
Cathedral Lake
Bear Creek
Bubbs Creek
Piute Creek
Tuolumne Meadows