Adirondack Park: The Dixes
DIX009 (From a saddle northwest of South Dix, tackle a steep climb to Hough Peak through softwood forest.)
DIX008 (Macomb Mountain: Macomb's summit ledges offer outstanding views to the west-northwest of the Dix Wilderness and the Colvin Range. From here, backtrack to South Dix (Waypoint 7) and continue northwest toward Hough Peak.)
DIX010 (From the top of Hough Peak, descend northwest through a blowdown area that affords great views of Dix and Beck-horn ahead.)
DIX003 (After passing a group campsite area, the trail begins a steeper climb up the base of the East Dix slide (there's a single campsite near the top of the slide). Note: In super dry years, you'll have to backtrack to the headwaters of the Bouquet to get water for the rest of the trip. )
DIX002 (The trail crosses the river (follow the cairns that mark the route). Next, continue a gradual climb.)
DIX001 (From an off-the-road parking lot where the North Fork of the Bouquet River crosses Route 73, follow the trail past several campsites and killer swimming holes.)
DIX015 (From the trailhead parking lot on VT 73, it's a 1.9-mile walk (or shuttle drive) back to the beginning of the hike.)
DIX013 (At the base of the Dix slide, the grade mellows as the trail continues descending gradually towards the Bouquet River.)
DIX014 (Cross the Bouquet River, passing a lean-to shelter. Ahead, the trail passes a junction up to Noonmark Mountain before continuing its gradual descent. Further on, bear right at the trail marker toward the shimmering Round Pond; listen for the slap of beavers.)
DIX011 (Continue past Beck-horn, the false summit of Dix Mountain.)
DIX012 (Dix Mountain: Take in 360-degree Adirondack views from the hike's high point. Ahead, hike down a steep and rooty maintained trail along the Dix slide. Follow cairns and paint as you cross the slide on a 1,600-foot descent. From here to the end of the hike, the route follows an established and maintained trail.)
DIX005 (From the top of East Dix, take in views of the entire Dix Cirque then follow cairns along the rocky ridge to the South Dix summit (climb the rockpile).)
DIX006 (Descend southwest to a saddle for an optional, 1.4-mile out-and-back detour to Macomb Mountain, another 4,000-foot high peak. Hikers can bypass the detour by hiking northwest along the ridgeline to Hough Peak.)
DIX004 (Pass a single campsite (water trickles down the slide and pools at the edge near this spot). Fill up here for the rest of the hike (unless it's been very dry recently). From here, the trail leaves the slide to begin a scramble to the summit of East Dix. The final 100 feet up East Dix are steep but there is a bushwhack option on the right side. If the slide is wet, follow a herd path that starts on the right-hand side and traverses left about 300 feet up.)
DIX007 (From the saddle between South Dix and Macomb Mountain, climb through a fern forest with thick, lush vegetation.)