Day 4
Day 1
Day 2
Day 6
Day 5
Day 3
WCT_BONILLA (Bonilla camp site by the falls)
Camper Creek (good)
Carl's Place (Carl's place. food. beer.)
Carmanah (Carmanah camping area)
Cullite Creek (excellent)
Sea Lions (fork to view sea lions)
Darling Falls
Tsusiat Falls
Bonilla Creek Falls
WCT_GORDON (gordon ferry)
Hole in the Wall (hole in the wall)
Klanawa River (excellent)
WCT_LDR04T (ladders top to Tsusiat beach)
Lighthouse (lighthouse)
WCT_PASS1QQQ (passage way around tidal problem maybe)
WCT_RNGR_E (east end ranger station (renfrew))
WCT_RNGR_W (west end (bamfield) ranger station)
WCT_THDE (trailhead east)
Tsocowis (mediocre )
WCT_WALBRAN (Walbran camping area)
Walbran Creek (excellent)
Thrasher Cove (poor)
Darling River (excellent)
Michigan Creek (poor)
Bonilla Creek (excellent)
Crib Creek