Big Wood Mileage
Broadway Run surf? (Possible his speed surf below 5000H. Nothing at 460K 1550H)
Broadway Run Access
South Broadford Bridge (lean back in kayak at 6000H)
SURF - Bellevue Diversion (Surfable from 6000 to 2500H )
SURF - Glendale Diversion Wave (Was in at 6000 when we ran with Chris and Shawn. Chris and I surfed at 5090. Chris went back to look for the wave at 3500 but it was gone.)
North Broadford Road bridge (Lean back in kayaks at 6000H )
Colorado Gulch Bridge (Tight for kayakers at 6000 H)
Bow Bridge
Croy Bridge
Deer Creek Bridge
Channel wide diversion gates. No raft!
Amos Galpin Bridge
New channel surf
SURF - Millionaire's Row Wave (Awesome surf wave. Big pile and better for a play boat. Had to keep the now out of it in my Z. Good eddy feed from the left bank. Small guard hump makes entrance from right a little tricky. 800K 2600H. Still awesome surf at 460K. I though it was better lower. )
Lower Millionaires Row (Smaller option for surfing here. Was not great at 800 K, but potential. Better at 400K )
potential wave
potentail waves
potential rapid
Hwy 75 Waves (Fun waves at 2000 K)
Lower Hulen Pond (Potential surf wave - so so at 2090 K)
Northwood Wave (Surf wave. Godd for Z @ 2090 K cfs. Shorter boat had to work to stay on. Good eddy feed from right bank.)
Fence across channel
Fence cross river!!!
Log across channel
Cathedral Pines Bridge
Big Rock (Sharp side surf hole at 2090 K. I didn't go in... )
Braided Channels
Hulen Meadows Bridge (clear for raft at 2090 K)
high water strain throught trees
North Hulen Waves 3
North Hulen Waves 4 (Aerial photo at 6700H show this wave to look pretty damn good. )
North Hulen Waves (Several smaller surf waves through here at 800K 2600 H. Nothing spectacular but definately work playing on. This has the best wave at 800K. You can bounce through the rocks on the right bank to catch an eddy for a one-time feed onto the wave. )
Fox Creek Swimming Hole (Fun waves and boiling eddy along left bank. 800 K, 2600 H.)
Workout bench
SURF - Duffy's Wave (Awesome two-wave surf. Upper wave is more glassy and fast. The lower wave has a pile and is better for a shorter boat. 800 K, 2600H was the level Drew and I tandem surfed. Probably even better at 460K. Mike stayed on forever. )
split channel
split channel
Chocolate Gulch Bridge
undercut bank
Hwy 75 Bridge
Shart turn - braided
Campground Rapid and waves
riverwide log jam in 2017
Sharp cliff wall corner (July note - Rock turn 2 surf and swim hole )
Wood River Campground Bridge
Bike Path Bridge
Fox Creek Trailhead Bridge
Lake Creek TH Bridge
Wood - Braided Channel (2017 river wide log jam somewhere in here )
Adams Gulch Bridge. Clear for raft at 2090 K.
Wood (Strainer right bank. I went along the grass on the left bank and scouted to be sure it was clear. Then strainer below in the left bank. I had to walk through the trees in the middle island. )
Old river wide cotton wood log washed right in 2017
Warm Springs Confluence
Warm Springs Bridge
River Run Bridge
Chocolate Factory Bridge
Footbridge Waves (Big fun waves at 4600. )
Red Cliff 1
Red Cliff 2 (right bank surf wave at 4600...? )
Red Cliff 3
Red Cliff 4
Red Cliff 5
Gimlet Bridge (460K I could sit up straight under the bridge, but it seems like it would be close for a raft at high flows.)
Boxcar bend - stay left (Possible surf wave here at some flows. )
Carbonate Waves (Start fast section - big waves @ 6000 H )
Scary corner of death
Lower Carbonate Waves (6000 H)
Float around this house
Lawn surf!
Very fast current
Huge, long wave train (6000H, Washed our or channel re-arranged at 5090 H. Wave trail was there but much smaller and no surf waves. )
Wood Issues (River wide snags - sneak through willows on left)
Chocolate Gulch Surf (Fast, but good. Eddy feed from left bank. Good at 460K but a bit too fast and not as well formed at 800K.)
North Hulen Waves 2
Upper Glendale Diversion (Fun waves at 5090)
Waves (narrow left side channel. Fun waves built in here at 5090. Chris was going to surf a root ball hole before seeing the wood below. )
Lake Creek Waves (Fun wave train leading into bridge at 3800. )
Life Preserver Waves (Narrow and fun wave train. Tried surfing but no luck. 800 K, 2600 H At 460K still lots of fun waves. Still hard to catch on the fly but much easier to catch than at 800K. Be patient, drift slowly along the left bank and pick the best wave to catch on the fly. 2nd wave in is the best at 800K)
SURF - Mansion Surf (Nice high speed surf wave 5/15 800 K, 2600 H. Not as good at 460K )
Impressive erosion into right bank
Workout Bench Waves (Fun wave trail at the bottom of the steep talus cliff. 800K, 2600H )
Wood (2017 tree down across entire channel )
Wood (Tree down across this channel. I walked through the trees in the middle and relaunched on top of a group of willows. )
Cliffside #1
Hulen Pond drop
Split Channel - Narrow
Lower Duffys
Wood issues
Bad log jam, seive through the trees.
Riverwide log jam in 2017 (Passable with raft in July 2017 )
Sharp corner #2 - Avi snow pile (Small surf wave here with Eric at 790 cfs.)
Lower Lower Duffys (Several more catchable surf waves through here at 460K. 781K there was a big side surf hole as well.)
Cliffside #2
Fun waves against bedrock
Boxcar Bend Surf (Fast. Hard not to dig nose in the Z at 461K 1500H. Great in the X at 800K. 5/4 883 total cfs and it was not worth the walk. )
Wilderness Drive Surf Wave (Fast at 460K 1550H. Small eddy feed from the right bank. No pile, but a fun fast surf. At 800K it was nearly impossible to stay on the wave. May 2018 channel reconfiguration and this feature is gone. Only the rip-rap rocks. )
Wood (Mess of trees and river wide cottonwood log after the 2017 flood. 460K, 1550H )
Red Cliff Notes (461K 1550H these were fun class 2+ drops with some surf possibilities for a short play boat. Definitely a fun, beginner stretch for kayak beginners.)
Diversion - Wood issues (River wide log jam post flood. Mess of wood everywhere. )
Wood Issues (Hard to see nasty logs on outside bend. I walked. There was a line, but if you blew it you would go into a bunch limbs pointed upream at the surface! I walked across the gravel bar left side. )
Diagonal seds on rt bank
Surf (Surf wave @ 880 cfs. Fun enough to take about 20 laps. Good eddy feed on right bank. Curious how it develops at high and lower flows.)
Red Cliff entrance (Fun boil eddy against rock on river left. )
(Put In on north west side of Easley Hot Springs bridge)
(Swimming Hole. Bench overlooking the river.)
Walk to access (From Cathedral Pines bridge )
(Braided portage in july 2017)
Gravel bar photo pano
Chainsaw cut #1
beach pool swimming hole
Sand bar camp
Camp hole
Chain saw #2 & camp
Corner wall folds
Below island no cut logs
Braids and cutbank holes. Lots of debris
Wall turn
End danger bend waves
Danger wood in bend
Easy access left bank
Riverwide jam?
Undercut bank, deep hole
Baker confluence
Billy's Bridge
Silver creek bridge