Cranberry Day 1
Cranberry Day 2
Cranberry Day 3
Cran cs h lg
Cran cs h lumpy
Cran cs h med
Cran cs h sm
Cran cs h small
Cran cs h t lg 1
Cran cs h t lg 2
Cran cs h t med
Cran cs h t med 1
Cran cs h t med 2
Cran cs h t on trail sm
Cran cs h t sm
Cran cs h t sm 1 (Small site along trail. Larger better site is just across the river.)
Cran cs h t sm 2
Cran cs h t sm 3 (Small campsite right after the trailhead. May be a good option as an alternative to sleeping in the car, if arriving the night before.)
Cran cs h tent lg flat
Cran cs t h lg both sides (Possible areas on both sides of trail for tents or hammocks.)
Cran cs t h med
Cran cs t single (small clearing for a single tent, not far for larger nearby site with firepit.)
Cran Night 1 Campsite (Large Campsite across from trail on opposite side of the Middle Fork River, used for first night.)
Cran Night 2 Campsite (Small / Medium Campsite near summit of Sugar Creek Mountain, in a beautiful mossy area, used for second night. Make sure to pack in enough water, as there are no nearby sources. Elevation is around 4400 feet and ladscape can be a bit windy, so be prepared for temps that are posiibly quite a bit lower than locally forecasted.)
Cran Parking - North South Trailhead (Small lot with room for a few cars. Trailhead is on opposite side of road (SR 150))
Cran star field (Large open field with a great view of the sky,)
Cran water
Cran Water - Laurelly Branch (First of three crossings of Laurelly Branch.)
Cran water - Middle Fork River (Crossing of the Middle Fork Williams River)
Cran Waterfall Small (Small Waterfall near Day 1 campsite,)