Markers placed on the map are within ten meters of the actual destination noted.

Poor camp... (While technically possible camping at the SFk Kern would, ahem, suck. How 'bout tanking up and considering the plateau to the SE? )
Wildrose Spring (Good flow 2013 and 2015. Although it is possible to camp here there is a better spot .5km to the north, west of the trail. )
Wildrose Camp (Do not expect water in the spring to the north. Instead, get water at the spring to the south, about .5k away from this excellent camp. The camp is located as the marker suggests, several hundred feet west of the trail. )
trail is intermitent (The trail is intermittent within the burn but if you pay attention and use a gps it is fairly easy to follow. )
Spring (Had flow spring 2013. Needs a spring stick. )
Dutch John Camp (A nice but spread out camp can be had here. )
Spring (The "creek" had acceptable flow here in 2013. A spring stick was needed to make use of it. About 1L/minute. We did not find water at the spring to the north but rumor has a spring box around here somewhere. )
Good Water (Good water here spring 2013 and 2015)
Water (Good water here spring 2013 and 2015. Needs a spring stick.)
Good camp (A good camp well off the trail (500') can be had here. )
Good camp, good water (Water and camp good 2013 and 2015. Camp is visible from trail. There are actually several decent group sites here and in the meadow to the south and west of the creek . )
Campsite (Outstanding campsite. Ford river or approach from NE (if you don't ford the river then approach from minor drainage near the "19" township marker on the map). )
Decent campsite (But you need to get water in the SW end of Beck)
Water (In 2015 there was plenty of standing water. I assume flowing water could be found but we didn't look for it. )
Trail notes (many large dead trees down. The trail is usually easy to follow but you do need to pay attention. It is accurately shown on the map. )
campsite (Good campsite above meadow, on knoll. Room for 6 tents. Well above the meadow (100' or so))
Water (Good flowing water spring 2015. Needed spring stick however there were good pools too (they were murky). )
Many good camps in this area
trail (The trail actually cuts across here. )
No water 2015
Water (Good water spring 2015. Needs spring stick. )
water (Standing water spring 2015. Rather yucky looking mostly, one good clear pool. )
Campsite (Decent camp, not too far to water at WT)
Spacious campsite
water (The spring of 2015 we were able to make this work by using a cup and scooping water, 1/4 cup at a time, into buckets and pots. )
NO WATER (There was no water here spring of 2013)
Some water (There was some water here the spring of 2013. Further recon may reveal a decent source. )