Veteran's Peak Ascent (Due to S aspect and high winds, there are often bare talus lines on this face that allow for very safe ascents of Veteran's Peak. Or, access the peak from the Pass.)
Avalanche Path (The last recorded slide here was in Dec/Jan 2013/14. New snow and strong winds out of the west loaded up the E facing starting zone. The debris tends to wrap around a bench at the 12,150 contour. The debris reached the skin track, even in December with an early season snow pack.)
Karma Glades (This run has some great short open shots, with trees as well. Careful not to land on any tents! Also beware the sharp drops onto the old logging road.If you're Karma's good, you'll get blower pow laps here all day. If not, you'll be dodging stumps and jibbing VE-25s.)
3:00 Ridge (Named for a Ski and Snowboard course with 4 instructors and 5 students. When the students got too tired to ride, 3 instructors went skiing, thus 3:00 ratio. Also a good afternoon lap since it goes right back to the camp. It's 30-degree max steepness with tight trees. The snow tends to be better quality here than the powder glades due to tree protection.)
Old Logging Road
Graham Powder Glades (This is the open bowl off of the Ridge. The snow can either be awesome pow, or heinous wind crust. When the snow is good, this is a great run. The easiest run out of Graham Camp because no trees, and the group can stay visually together. The old logging road forms a natural stopping feature, and guide back to camp.)
Winter Ski Trail (Very popular area to ski for locals. Path is almost always packed in.)
Burgundy Glades (moderately spaced trees.)
Winter Approach Route (This route is not the 10th Mtn Hut route. This is easier, though, b/c it's on a road so the sleds don't tip as much. More snowmobile traffic, though. Marked with blue and green diamonds.)
Right Baleen Chute
Middle Baleen Chute
Left Baleen Chute
The Blow Hole
San Diego Chute (Max slope angle is a brief convexity of about 40 degrees lower in the gulley.)
Burgundy Bowl (27-30 Degrees)
Whale's Tail Ascent (Can be slushy or crusty due to southern aspect. Good Ascent and Descent. Also good for alpine snow pit digging.)
East Face Homestake (Steep and exposed. Exceeds 35 degrees.)
North East Bowl (Max of 30-32 degrees. More exciting descent than E Ridge. Watch for remote triggering on east aspect above.)
E Ridge Homestake Route (Never exceeds 25-degrees. Good skiing throughout winter, especially March. Last 200 feet or so is usually bare of snow. Good uphill and downhill route.)
10 Mtn Division Hut (COBS can use this hut's outhouse when passing by on day hikes, and consider it for emergency management.)
Good Winter Camp
Good Winter Camp
Winter Trailhead (Don't park here. It is for unloading and loading only.)
Winter Parking
Winter Parking (This is the most parking available. It is also the 10th Mtn. Division Hut Parking.)
Winter Road Closure Halfmoon
Halfmoon Road tends to be packed in by snowmobiles
COBS Winter Camp (This is the only good camping in the area that is flat, protected by trees, and easy access to water.)
Running water is typically available year-round in this creek
Winter Parking and Trailhead (Recommended to not leave 2WD Vehicles here overnight. May get snowed in. 4x4 Trucks can park here.)
Winter Hwy 82 Road Closure (This is the official turn-around for people trying to drive to Aspen using Google Maps! Vans and 2wd vehicles can typically park here for many days.)
The Knoll
Veteran's Peak (This is an easy-access peak. The S facing slopes tend to be bare for safe ascents any day of the winter. Many touching memorial ceremonies have been held on this small peak. You may find stones with names written on them at the top. Named Veteran's Peak by Bob O'Rourke and Cisco Tharp CVW-321, Jan 2013)
Mountain Boy Peak
Starting Zone (E facing starting zone to a S facing slide path)