Fly fishing on the Ammo and Zealand
Wilderness Pond (One of my favorites. Great in late summer, Full of leaches! Dry flies, Wooly Buggers, Pistol Pete's etc....a foam Grasshopper produced a monster brook trout. Park at the Sugarloaf lot and duck under the snow machine gate across the road and to the left.. The wilderness trail breaks off to the right after 100 ft. I like to fish from the little peninsula., but have caught fish everywhere. Waders are mandatory. )
The Bend (Beautiful spot, but get there first. Small dries drifted into the slower water works great.Stay as close to the rocks as you can. Late summer the faster water above and below the slow area can produce rainbows by fishing close to the banks. Beads work best. )
The Ox Bow (Brook trout cab be found all around this bend and under snags. Pistol Pete's were king here.)
Native Pool (Lot's of native gems with usually one or two larger fish. Easy access from the Mt Hale parking lot.)
Bead Rapids (Walk in from the bike path and then trail blaze. Good spot for Rainbows into July. Fish in the mornings with a bead. Great after stocking. Heavily fished. )
Broken Dam (Great after stocking. Use the bike path and trail blaze or walk in from the parking lot. Heavily fished. Anything works. )
Sebosis Bridge 3 (Another great native spot. Trek to the next bridge and up stream both work well. Rough walking. Great fishing.)
Sebosis bridge 2 (Love this spot and the trek down to the next bridge. Beautiful Natives both up and downstream from here.)
Sebosis into Crawford Brook (Cool spot. Tough access without spooking everything. I either approach from up stream starting at bridge 1 or from Crawford beach down stream.)
Ammonousuc Beach (Rainbows, Dry white flies. Size 16 to 20, July 7th and 8th 8:19 am Adam Peters, Truman Kenne)
Plunge pools, Brook Triout (Fished with Tony Costa 7/6/16, 3 nice Brook trout at the start of the plunge pools. Rough walking and wading. Take the trestle trail until it breaks left and then hop onto the river before it gets too steep. Head down stream on the right side of the river until you come to your first pool. Fish small dry flies white or pale in color. Parachutes work great too.)
The Sluice (Water funnels into this bend and produces an excellent feeding trough. Drift a nymph into the center and wait for a strike. Don't forget to fish the snag above and to the right of the sluice. )
Mt Stickney Brook confluence (Great spot for natives.)
Mt Stickney Spring (Feeder spot.)
Native Bend (Usually one or two. Dry fly. )
Little Ox Bow trek (Great Native spot. Access is tricky and is best achieved by walking to the Golf Kiosk and heading due west through the low brush. Fish down stream from here to the bicycle bridge. Do this early am or evening. Start with small dries. Look for action in the foam. If they stop hitting go smaller or to a cleaner silhouetted fly of the same size and color. No-hackle, parachutes, thorax flies and Comparandun all work. Pale and White. )
The Iron Bridge (Great after stocking. Heavily fished, but still awesome.They usually stock around the Holidays so starting at dawn you can scoop the spin doctors and catch fish from here down to the Sluice at every spot. It takes some fish just 30 minutes to get to the Bend when they stock! Light Cahill's, Adams work great. Size 14,16,18. Fish off the rocks. )
The Bridge Chute (Fun spot when its stocked. Nice deep pool and rapids. Put on your waders and stay off the golf course as you head down stream. )
Snag Beach (I love this spot because it will hold fish for a long time time into the summer. All the bank fishing is great from the start of the beach. Start with a dry because they'll shoot out from the bank and attack, but if you see a smutting rise (breaking the surface with it's back) use an emerger pattern for the dry you've been working. Stick to white or pale flies.)
The Banks (Fun deep pools with snags that will hold fish. Some of the wading can be deep. )
The Perfect (From the end of Snag Beach emerges a beautiful slow into fast section that can be fished from many sides. )
Back Pool (Fish the bank and snags. Very shallow in spots. Dries work best.)
Rapido Beach (Fun spot to fish a bead along the bank.)
Slow Stretch (Good snags along the banks. )
Knee Beach (Such a beautiful spot, but you need to take few minutes to see how the fish are feeding before casting. This snag has provided a spot for natives to take hold and has made them tricky to catch. Use you smallest flies and tippet and you'll see them emerge. If not you won't believe that a fish lives here.)
RR Beach (Good bank fishing, but the water gets a lot of sun. Best early. )
The Big Stretch (Long straight area from RR Beach to the Confluence hat can capture stocked fish that have moved up stream. )
The Confluence (This is where a small brook that starts on Little Mount Deception enters the Ammo. Fish the snags and banks.)
Back Canal Beach (Hidden from the main river, start here and fish the ox bow back around the condos to a long straight stretch that reconnects to the main river. Low water traps fish. )
Back Canal Ox Bow (Tight casting. Good spot to sit and observe before fishing.)
Back Canal Stretch (Long straight slow water that stretches from the Back Canal Ox Bow to a marshy area that empties back into the main river. )
Back Canal Confluence Pools (The start of a series of beaver dam pools that connect to the Back Canal Stretch. These spots trap fish. Rough walking.)
Wood Island (An Island full of wood created by the Ammo and the Back Canal.)
Golf Beach (Heavily fished, but still fun because it looks so perfect. They do stock here. )
Lookout Beach (A big pebble strewn beach that can yield results along the banks and big rocks.)
Smooth Bend (Great spot for fishing brook trout hiding in the rocks and at the edge of the fast areas.)
The Corner Beach (This area has the Crawford Brook entering from the left just above where will start fishing into the fast water. There are huge boulders that provide perfect opportunities for fish to hide and attack your flies. I fish this stretch down to where the beach ends. Be sure to cast at least 2 feet in front of where you spot fish or where you think that they are hiding. Cast your float line over the fish and you're day is done. )
Church Rocks (Big Boulder field. Great fishing)
Big Beach (Long stretch of plunge pools and boulder fields. Lot's of fun.)
9th Hole Beach (Float a fly in front of the far bank. The bottom of fast water can yield results at the confluence with the Crawford Brook.)
9th Hole Strectch (Pockets of fast and slow that can produce small little gems.)
Mini Sleuce (A fast cut out with all kinds of debris. Perfect for a native to hide and thrive.)
Pocket Rapids (Look for the fast water and cut outs along the bank. Usually a few hungry Brook trout hiding in wait.)
Trout Bridge (A good spot for snagging a brook trout. Stocked fish will find their way here over the siummer.)
Princess Bridge stretch (Long straight area with low water, but a trapped fish here and there behind a boulder or along the banks. Not easily accessible except from the bridge.)
The Mt Wash Bend (Perfect fishing spot. Float a dry down into the rock pool and then fish the faster water below for Rainbows. Access from the bridal path. )
Crawford Beach (Good starting point and reasonable access from the bike trail. Go over the bike bridge above Moraine Shadows and bear to the left. You'll see the brook off to your left. Follow this trail to another intersection and bear left again at the Y. You'll see an open area. Keep going. Second open area go left towards the brook. Good starting point for everything you just walked past or up stream to the Sebosis confluence.)
Sebsosis Bridge 1 to Crawford Brook Trek (Be quiet and fish around the bridge then head down stream. Look for rises in the foam. This is a fun spot that should be hit early. The fish spook easy. As you head down stream the snags are everywhere. Tight casting. )