Full Route - 1
North Entrance to HP via GV
HP Descent, Aynes CCW, Bobcat CW, GV CW, NT CCW, Finish
CC SAG to Hidden Cabin
HP to Campground via Walnut
Campground to CC SAG
Yellowwood Loop
Hidden Cabin to Combs/Nebo
Combs/Nebo to CC SAG
Trail 5
Full Route - 3
Trail 21
Full Route - 3a
Full Route - 1a
Full Route - 2a
To tower
Trail 2
Trail 1
North Gate to HP Direct
Campground to HP via Schooner
CC SAG to Campground
Horse Trail D
Full Route - 3
Full Route - 2
Segment 2 Track
Miller Ridge Connection
Dry Branch Fire Road?
Trail 19
Trail 22
Trail 20
Segment 1 Track
Trail 3
Trail 15
Trail 14
Trail 13
Trail 12
Trail 11
Trail 10
Trail 9
Trail 8
Trail 7
Trail 6
Trail 4
Trail 17
Trail 16
Trail 18
To Browning Mountain - 1.6 mi
Alt Route?
Crooked Creek Rd
In from TC Steele
Horse Trail W
Thin Footpath
Day 1 Short
Day 1 Option 1
Yellowwood Loop ST
Yellowwood Loop
CC Trails
Nebo N
Lake to Blue Creek Rd
Elkinsville Rd
Tecumseh Trail
MWTR Horse Trail
HNF Bikepacking Day 3 - Ride back to the Car
HNF Bikepacking Day 2 - Icy Ride
HNF Bikepacking Day 2 - Looking for Squirrels
HNF Bikepacking Day 1 Part 2
HNF Bikepacking Day 1 Part 1
920 ft
1050 ft
1015 ft
Bridge Abutment
597 ft
623 ft
896 ft
965 ft
700 ft
863 ft
1004 ft
909 ft
538 ft
827 ft
568 ft
Nebo Ridge S Trailhead
Nebo Ridge N Trailhead
SG (Edge of Parking Lot )
RH (Edge of Forest )
QI (Bottom of Bank )
FI (Root Stock )
OK (Top of Gully )
KO (Bottom of Spur )
LN (Top of Gully )
MM (Trail Jct )
NL (Root Stock )
JP (Root Stock )
HR (Spur )
MH (Stream Jct )
GS (Tip spur )
FT (Bend in Trail )
EU (Edge of Forest )
DV (Bottom of Spur Spur )
BY (Trail Jct )
CX (Top of Gully )
AZ (Bottom of Gully )
TF (Stream Jct )
UE (Top of Gully )
VD (Saddle )
IQ (Fallen Tree/ Gully )
PJ (Root Stock )
YA (Root Stock )
Look at that guy laying on the ground, is he OK?
We know where we're going, and this still doesn't look right
Oh, what a nice scarf!
Ok, everyone take 20 paces forward, what do you see?
This hill didn't seem near as big going down...
This is weird, the road should be right... there. Oh.
Watching 4 teams search for the point you walked directly up to... priceless
Nap Time...
F/W North
Super Steep Mossy HIll, and a lost jacket
Maumee Pond (Largemouth bass, bluegill, channel catfish, and some longear sunfish )
Grouse Hollow Lake (Largemouth bass, bluegill, channel catfish, and redear sunfish )
Townsend Pond (Largemouth bass and bluegill)
Hickory Grove Pond (Largemouth bass and bluegill)
Houston Silo Pond (Largemouth bass, bluegill, and redear sunfish)
Mains Pond (Largemouth bass, bluegill, redear, and channel catfish)
Kirk Hill Cemetery
Patton Cave
CCC Camp?
640 ft
617 ft
669 ft
863 ft
1020 ft
Bridge House
Panther Camp?
Lookout Tower
830 ft
Hickory Grove Church
889 ft
748 ft
866 ft
705 ft
928 ft
Hilltop Christian Camp