Wind Whistle to Rd 46
Hamburger Rock to The Island
Bridger Jack to Shay Mountain
Rd 46 to Pole Canyon
Pole Canyon to Oowah Lake
Oowah Lake to Porcupine Rim
Porcupine Rim to Arches Aid
Dry Valley to Wind Whistle
Hurrah Pass to Breaking Bad
The Island to Bridger Jack
Start to Hurrah Pass
Arches Aid to Hidden Valley
Hidden Valley to Finish
Shay Mountain to Dry Valley
Breaking Bad to Hamburger Rock
Hurrah Pass Aid mi 15
The Island mi 68.7
Dry Vally Aid mi 121.7
Pole Canyon Aid mi 166.5
Shay Mountain Aid mi 103.2
Hamburger Rock mi 55.9
Oowah Lake Aid mi 183.6
Rd 46 Aid mi 148.9
Hidden Valley - Water Only
Porcupine Rim Aid mi 204.2
Wind Whistle Aid mi 135.3
Bridger Jack mi 84.2
Breaking Bad mi 35
Arches Aid 220.5
Proposed Water Only Station mi 19.5
Proposed Water Only Station mi 45