Route to White Mountain
Route to Shepherd Pass Trailhead
Whitney Portal Directions
Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead Route
Tyndall Williamson
Ranger Station
Whitney Hostel
Mt Williamson
Mt. Tyndall
White Mountain
Mt. Muir
Mt. Whitney
Mt. Langley
Shepherd Pass Trail
White Mountain Trailhead
Whitney Portal
Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead Campground
Overflow Parking
'Walk-In' Campsites Here
Do Not Go to this Trailhead
Go to this trailhead
Take a right to go up to Cottonwood Lakes Equestrian Campground / Trailhead
Go South on Horseshoe Meadows Road
Go West on Whitney Portal Road
Whitney Portal Trailhead Parking
Turn West on Whitney Poral Road in Lone Pine. Arrive at trailhead parking after 12 miles
Arrive at the Shepherd Pass Trailhead
Turn West on a Small Rough Dirt Road
Keep going South past the Shepherd Pack Trailhead
Turn South on Foothill Rd
Turn West on Market Street
White Mountain Trailhead
Keep going straight at any intersections
Paved road turns to Gravel Road
Take a left on White Mountain Road after 13 miles
Take SR-168 East into White Mountains
Take US-395 to Big Pine (Get Full Tank of Gas Here!!!)