Cucamonga Wilderness Trails (Upland and Rancho)
W. Cucamonga (coupler) (Stoddard with Demens)
Demens Canyon (Trail Head @ north end of Archibald Ave.)
Allison Gulch Falls
Sapphire Falls Trail (off-trail detour thru wash)
Stoddard Peak Trail
The Mt Baldy Hike
Stoddard Cyn Falls Trail
Icehouse Cyn Loop
Icehouse Saddle to Cucamonga Peak
San Antonio Falls (Detour from Mt.Baldy trail)
Three Ts (Ichouse Saddle > Timber Mtn. - Telegraph Peak - Thunder Mtn. - Gold Ridge < Mt. Baldy Notch)
Icehouse Saddle to Ontario Peak (Ice House Saddle > Bighorn Peak < Ontario Peak)
Cuca Peak to Joe Elliot (Cucamonga Peak to Joe Elliot Tree Memorial)
Icehouse Saddle to Lytle Creek (Icehouse Saddle > Stone House Crossing Campground - Middle Fork Trailhead - Bonita Falls Trailhead < Lytle Creek (Ranger Station))
Ontario Peak (Ice House Saddle > Bighorn Peak < Ontario Peak)
Stoddard Peak
Mt. Baldy Parking (Adventure Pass required)
Bridge to Nowhere / Allison Gulch Falls (Parking Trailhead)
Lower Allison Falls
Allison Gulch Entrance
San Antonio Falls
Stoddard Peak Trail (Trail Head (parking))
Sapphire Falls
Sapphire / CucaTruck (street parking and trail access)
Stoddard Peak Junction
Icehouse Trailhead (Parking (w/AdventurePass) @ 7698 Ice House Canyon Road, Angeles National Forest, Mount Baldy, CA 91759)
Stoddard Cyn Falls trailhead (Parking @ 2901 N Mountain Ave, Upland, CA 91784)
Lower Fall Set Bottom
Lower Fall Set Top
Upper Fall Set Bottom
Stoddard Peak