Six day, five night backpack trip into Lone Lakes. 6,210 feet of elevation gain & loss. Good water everywhere except the last day descent out of Seven Lakes. There are springs & seasonal creeks along the way of the last leg out. Optionally could add an extra night stop at Stanley Hot Springs on the way out (likely shared with other campers). 3,153 feet descent and 5 mile hike to Stanley Hot Springs, then 3,624 feet descent and another 4.6 miles to the trailhead.
1. Trailhead to Horse Camp (8 miles, 3,000 ft ascent to first campsite. )
5. Lone Lakes to Seven Lakes (4.08 mi, 1450 ft ascent, 1380 ft descent. Good campsites and water sources at Seven Lakes)
6. Seven Lakes to Trail Head (9.6 Miles, 1150 ft ascent, 5500 ft descent out to trailhead.)
2. Horse Camp to Shasta Lake (7.6 miles and 2,900 feet ascent to Shasta Lake and campsite 2.)
3. Shasta Lake to Lone Lake (4.25 miles and 800 ft ascent, 900 ft descent to Lone Lakes. 2 nights at Lone Lakes.)
6a. Seven Lakes to Stanley H.S. (5.2 mile to Stanley H.S. 900 ft ascent, 3,800 ft descent. Stopover at Stanley H.S.)
6b. Stanley H.S. to Trailhead (Optional 4.45 miles and 3,100 foot descent on exit day.)
campsite 2
campsite 1
campsite 3 & 4
campsite 5
[Campsite 6] (Optional campsite 6 splitting the exit into a 5 mile 3,100 foot hike to Stanley H.S. and 4.6 mile and 3,600 foot last day out.)