Carbon River - Mowich Lake Loop
River Crossing #3 (Large, cable suspension bridge that crosses about 50 feet above the Carbon River. This is really, really cool - lots of fun, very memorable, great for pictures. Obviously, this one doesn't wash out. There's a Carbon Glacier viewpoint about 1 mile up the trail (toward Mystic Lake))
River Crossing #1 (This river crossing seems to get washed out every year. They do replace it every summer. I don't know it's current status (as of 5/5/2016) and the latest area report is 2 months old right now. )
River Crossing #2 (Same as #1. If #1 is out, we won't even get to this one. #1 is the major flow of the Carbon River. This one is a smaller tributary.)
Cataract Valley Campground (Approx. location)
Eagle's Roost Campground
Spray Falls (Small side-detour. Really cool - about 300 feet tall.)
Ipsut Creek Campground (Very large. Used to be a drive-up CG before the road washed out. 2 nice pit toilets - usually has toilet paper, if they're open. Each campsite has a picnic table. )