routes from Wallace Lake to Shaw Lake
unofficial trail (Blue diamonds mark parts of the trail. They're sometimes hard to see along the logging roads. Some flagging tape along the way too. Ignore the blue tape on the logging road.)
road from sultan basin (just under 7 mi round trip)
road to trail route (1st road on right after gate leaving wallace lake)
sierra pacific road, dnr road (From Wallace Lake past goat feed gate, down past Sierra Pacific rock pit, connecting to dnr road from Sultan Basin Rd.)
rock pit
trail (road doesn't go all the way through, but there is a bit of a trail.)
shooting (very popular target shooting spot)
Gate (gate at boundary of sierra pacific land)
clearing with big log (The road is blocked here by a big log, but a trail goes around it. Beyond that, the road has several tank traps, but is usually kept at least somewhat brushed out by locals.)
cottonwood tree (There's a fairly obvious trail that's been brushed out to the left across from a big cottonwood tree before you get to Jay lake. There's a log that goes over the river, which is currently dry here. The trail then climbs up to and uses an old road grade around the hill.)
Trail leaves road grade (It's pretty easy to follow here. The trail heads downhill. Once into the more recent regrowth, though, it's getting a little brushy, but the trail is there.)
Stump marker (Trail junction with logging road. There's a stump with a blue diamond.)
trail cairn (There's a stack of logs marking the trail. It's a little brushy down to the treeline. After that, the trail is easy to follow, but quite narrow in places.)