5_Route_2 (10.5 mi)
5_4WD (4.8mi)
2_TelescopePeak (1.3mi)
3_Route_1 (12.7mi) (11 miles to Wildrose CG, 14.5 miles to meetup with main trail)
2_Route_3 (2.2mi) (11 miles to Wildrose CG, 14.5 miles to meetup with main trail)
2_XC_route (5 miles to canyon bottom)
5_Route_1 (3.4mi)
5_Bushwhack (1.9mi 9 falls, scrambling)
7_Route (1.1mi)
7_4WD_1 (2mi)
2_Route_2 (2.5mi)
Tule Spring
Eagle Borax Spring
3_Mahogany Flat (32mi 8200')
Telescope Peak Trail (11,048')
22.9 miles (7465') Track ends east
26.3 miles (4899') Unconfirmed water
28.5 miles (3566') Unconfirmed water
44.8mi (2553') Potential Water Cache
5_Camp (77.4mi, 4800')
7_Mexican Spring
7_Camp (?) 108.3mi
Historic Charcoal Kilns 33.5mi (6916')
42mi (3635')
leave wash
7_Cerro Gordo Spring
1_Camp (17.2 mi 5600') (17 miles 6200' Elevation Gain)
3_Thorndike Campground 33mi (7470')
3_Wildrose Campground (40.3mi)
2_Camp (?)
3_Camp (?)
4_Camp (60.9 mi 2000')
6_Camp (91.9mi, 6800')
LonePine_USPS (121 E Bush St)
Water_wash (36.3831, -117.6304)
L2H_001 (Badwater parking and eastern terminus of L2H. Route heads west across salt playa, soon becoming entirely cross-country travel. Playa is NOT all smooth and easy walking.)
L2H_002 (Junction main route and Badwater Basin Alternate Route. Alternate heads SW avoiding a majority of salt playa beyond this point. 0.5 - 1 mile longer depending on exact route taken. If staying on main route, don't veer any farther north from beeline toward Hanaupah Canyon Rd to avoid saturated areas of playa.)
L2H_003 (Actual lowest point in Western Hemisphere (-282 ft) (off-route 1.5 mi).)
L2H_004 (Junction main route and Badwater Basin Alt. Cross West Side Road at Shorty's Well (no water). Potential water cache location #1 (pack it in pack it out). Join 4WD Hanaupah Canyon Road SW.)
L2H_005 (Junction Middle and South Fork Hanaupah Canyon)
L2H_006 (Creek sometimes flows here. Start of steep cross-country ascent out of S Fork Hanaupah Canyon. Follow path of least resistance to leading ridge north.)
L2H_007 (Hanaupah Spring (1 mi W of route). Considered reliable by knowledgeable DVNP staff.)
L2H_008 (First joining of main ridge on x-c ascent to Telescope Peak. Mostly open terrain, except some pinyon pines and eventually treeline conifers in green-shaded areas on map.)
L2H_009 (Cross drainage on x-c ascent of Telescope Peak (avoids heavy pinyon pine brush on main ridge to north).)
L2H_010 (After x-c switchbacking up scree slope, here join Telescope Peak Trail heading north. Telescope Peak summit (11,048') is 1.3 mi S via alternate route.)
L2H_011 (Arcana Meadows. Junction main route and Wildrose Alternate. Main route heads NW above Tuber Canyon via x-c. Wildrose Alt stays on Telescope Peak Tr to Mahogany Flat Campground trailhead, then high-grade dirt and paved roadwalking in Wildrose Canyon.)
L2H_012 (Mahogany Flat Campground on Wildrose Alternate Route. Trailhead for Telescope Peak Tr. No water.)
L2H_013 (Thorndike Campground located on Wildrose Alternate Route. No water. Reliability of nearby spring shown on map unknown.)
L2H_014 (Historic Charcoal Kilns of Wildrose Canyon (Wildrose Alternate Route). Start of trail to Wildrose Peak. Located on Wildrose Alt.)
L2H_015 (Wildrose Campground developed year-round water according to NPS website. Call to confirm. Located on Wildrose Alternate Route.)
L2H_016 (Main L2H route heads W via cross-country down ridge opposite Rogers Peak, north side of Tuber Canyon.)
L2H_017 (X-C reaches bottom of Tuber Canyon approx here, then W on old road or directly in wash. Springs often flowing here or just to E in drainage (but maybe not reliable esp. given ongoing drought).)
L2H_018 (Another small possible spring area with riparian vegetation. Don't count on it.)
L2H_019 (Another possible spring in lower Tuber Canyon. Don't count on it.)
L2H_020 (4WD junction. L2H continues in Tuber Canyon's wash briefly west then climbs out NW.)
L2H_021 (Mining ruins at roadside, en route NW of Tuber Canyon.)
L2H_022 (T-junction. Leave better road, head N on heavily eroded track.)
L2H_023 (Join paved Trona-Wildrose Rd NE.)
L2H_024 (Junction main route and Wildrose Alternate. Head NW on old eroded dirt track. Potential water cache location #2. Pack it in pack it out. (Or reach developed year-round water at Wildrose Campground 4 mi. N by continuing on Trona-Wildrose Rd. Sometimes also water across road in mile before campground.))
L2H_025 (4WD junction on main L2H route. NW on wider track.)
L2H_026 (4WD junction in wash. Right fork NW staying on same track.)
L2H_027 (4WD junction. NW staying on same wide track.)
L2H_028 (4WD junction. NW again staying on same wide track.)
L2H_029 (4WD junction. Keep NW on same wide track.)
L2H_030 (Leave 4WD at wash crossing, cross-country heading W toward and then across Panamint Valley playa.)
L2H_031 (Reach paved Panamint Valley Rd at 4WD dirt Nadeau Road and follow Nadeau Road SW.)
L2H_032 (4WD junction. Follow road north.)
L2H_033 (Leave road, head W x-c in braided wash, then arc NW avoiding dark basalt areas to W.)
L2H_034 (Join paved SR 190 W (and Badwater Race Route) toward Panamint Springs.)
L2H_035 (Panamint Springs Resort. Restaurant, lodging, RV park, small general store (slim pickings for hiker food). Maildrop hold may or may not be an option - call first and suggest it in exchange for overnight stay. 40440 CA-190, Darwin CA 93522; (775) 482-7680; www.panamintsprings.com)
L2H_036 (West onto graded dirt Darwin Canyon Rd (leaving SR 190 and Badwater Race Route).)
L2H_037 (Darwin Falls trailhead. Head south on closed road toward Darwin Falls.)
L2H_038 (Junction main route and Darwin Canyon Alternate. Main route heads NW out of canyon to Darwin Plateau via non-technical x-c and random burro trails (the "Anderson Route" named for a veteran L2H thru-hiker who pioneered this section). Main route avoids the multiple waterfalls and class 3 scrambling required to hike thru in Darwin Canyon (difficult with full pack). However all should at least visit lower Darwin Falls, 0.5 mi W via easy to moderate walk in canyon bottom. (Darwin Falls and/or wash flow is last water on main route until next cache location.))
L2H_039 (Darwin Falls, lower falls (Darwin Canyon Alternate Route). To continue up-canyon on alternate route follow path before falls on left, then return to the drainage above the lower falls. In 100 yds reach grotto with 3 sets of falls. From here climb scree slope on right and look for path leading left to top of second falls. Climb carefully on right to reach upper falls (50 feet tall). Continue up scree slope to continue thru canyon to China Garden Spring. Darwin Canyon Alt ~1 mi longer than main route in total.)
L2H_040 (China Garden Spring (Darwin Canyon Alternate Route). Last water until next cache location.)
L2H_041 (Top of steep ascent on main L2H route from Darwin Canyon via x-c or burro trail. Continue west x-c or burro trail along main broad ridge.)
L2H_042 (Upper junction main L2H route & Darwin Canyon Alt. Main route descends to briefly join unnamed tributary wash of Darwin Canyon ~here. (L2H leaves Death Valley NP, enters BLM Darwin Falls Wilderness to west))
L2H_043 (Main route climbs out of wash again at point of least resistance to ascend broad volcanic ridge NW. Burro trail and/or x-c NW all the way to SR 190.)
L2H_044 (Height of land along Darwin Plateau (Darwin Falls Wilderness))
L2H_045 (Cross paved SR 190 (Badwater Race Route), head N onto paved Saline Valley Rd (rough, eventually becomes graded dirt), here re-entering Death Valley National Park. Potential water cache location #3 (hide well back from highway; pack it in pack it out).)
L2H_046 (Road junction. Continue NE on Saline Valley Rd.)
L2H_047 (Road junction. Continue north on wide Saline Valley Rd.)
L2H_048 (Pair of seasonal cattle ponds east of Saline Valley Rd. Very often dry - do not even remotely count on these!)
L2H_049 (Road junction. Take left fork (NW) onto White Mountain Talc Rd, entering Lee Flat Joshua Trees scenic area.)
L2H_050 (Road junction. Keep NW on wide White Mountain Talc Rd.)
L2H_051 (Junction main route (north, White Mtn Talc Rd) and Cerro Gordo Alternate Route (SW). Alt is more scenic and adventurous than main route, also ~1 mile shorter but greater elevation gain / loss by climbing Cerro Gordo en route.)
L2H_052 (Road junction along Cerro Gordo Alternate Route. Keep west on main track.)
L2H_053 (Road junction along Cerro Gordo Alternate Route. Again keep west on main track.)
L2H_054 (Historic Belmont Mine along Cerro Gordo Alt. 4WD road continues to climb steeply, with switchbacks, to crest of scenic ridge.)
L2H_055 (Reach junction along Cerro Gordo Alt. with better road at height of land just south of Cerro Gordo Peak. Follow this road west, switchbacking steeply downhill to Cerro Gordo ghost town and resumption of main L2H route.)
L2H_056 (Cerro Gordo (Fat Hill) historic mining ghost town. American Hotel, former bed and breakfast, closed in recent years or possibly open by reservation. All owned by Cerro Gordo Mines, proprietor Sean Patterson. No water available, but might be possible to cache on public land somewhere nearby (water cache location #4, pack it in pack it out). "Yellow Grade" road from Keeler / Owens Valley potentially passable by low clearance vehicles with care depending on current maintenance status.)
L2H_057 (Leave White Mtn Talc Rd along main L2H route, turn SW onto Cerro Gordo Rd, here exiting Death Valley National Park and entering mix of BLM and private lands. (Cerro Gordo Rd is a public right-of-way.))
L2H_058 (Junction main route and Cerro Gordo Alternate. Just north of Cerro Gordo ghost town, L2H turns NW at 4-way junction, then quickly forks left onto 4WD track known as Swansea - Cerro Gordo Rd.)
L2H_059 (Leave Swansea - Cerro Gordo Rd and head north on lesser track, which more or less contours at a steady elevation. A parallel track is nearby for most of the way. Either track becomes faint especially at areas of scree / washouts along the mountain side. Alternatively can remain on Swansea - Cerro Gordo Rd, but will lose nearly 1000 ft of elevation and then have to regain.)
L2H_060 (Ruins near old mine site. Northward the track becomes increasingly faint.)
L2H_061 (Rejoin Swansea - Cerro Gordo 4WD road and continue north.)
L2H_062 (Cerro Gordo Spring. Just mining ruins - no sign of water on satellite images. 250 feet downhill to the east.)
L2H_063 (Mexican Spring. No water visible on historical satellite images. Possible snowmelt pools in springtime. 100 vertical ft downhill to the northeast 1/3 mile away via side road. (L2H remains on Swansea - Cerro Gordo Rd heading NW from junction.))
L2H_064 (Ruins of the historic Saline Valley Salt Tram crossover station and operator's cabin. Continuing west on Swansea - Cerro Gordo Rd ignore various lesser tracks en route to next waypoint.)
L2H_065 (Y-junction of equal caliber roads. Continue west, leaving Swansea - Cerro Gordo Rd (which heads south here). **Do not descend on the road to the south.**)
L2H_066 (Road junction. Head SW (take left fork).)
L2H_067 (Road junction. Take left fork on road that bends south.)
L2H_068 (Burgess Well. Just ruins. No water.)
L2H_069 (Leave road and head south onto faint track, the top of "Long John Canyon Trail." Faint, cairned trail that may start out briefly as a 2-track road. GPS recommended, though GPS track likely not entirely accurate either.)
L2H_070 (Trail climbs out of canyon bottom to contour along south side slope.)
L2H_071 (Cairned trail terminates here. Route continues NW in wash, increasingly on a 4WD road. Long John Canyon spring is immediately east in slot-like portion of drainage with riparian vegetation. Not sure about current reliability, but has been seen wet in early July (dry "season"), albeit a very tiny amount of surface flow.)
L2H_072 (4-way junction with Owenyo - Lone Pine Rd. Take the road heading west-northwest (not north-northwest). Potential water cache location #5 - pack it in pack it out.)
L2H_073 (Turn southwest onto lesser utility-type track. Crosses powerlines in 1/4 mile.)
L2H_074 (Join paved Lone Pine Narrow Gauge Rd SW.)
L2H_075 (Owens River, might be reliable though of questionable purity. Signed private property, city of LA.)
L2H_076 (South onto US 395.)
L2H_077 (Town of Lone Pine CA (93545) at junction of Main St (US 395) and Whitney Portal Rd. All hiker services available in town. L2H turns west onto paved Whitney Portal Rd (also Badwater Race Route).)
L2H_078 (Junction main route / Portal Rd and Alabama Hills Alternate Route. Alt heads NW on Movie Rd through historic Movie Flat, along Mobius Arch Loop Trail, and other trails / track / x-c in BLM land, offering an extremely scenic alternative to pavement walking (3 miles longer vs main route).)
L2H_079 (Just E of Y-junction along Movie Rd on Alabama Hills Alternate Route, trailhead for Mobius Arch Loop Trail. Suggest following trail counter-clockwise. Alternate leaves it 3/4 of the way along after checking out the natural arch and other highlights.)
L2H_080 (Alabama Hills Alternate Route. Join old 2-track NW.)
L2H_081 (Alabama Hills Alternate Route. Leave old 2-track and follow wash cross-country NW.)
L2H_082 (Alabama Hills Alternate Route. Leave wash here and head x-c NW toward road.)
L2H_083 (Alabama Hills Alternate Route. Join dirt road W.)
L2H_084 (Alabama Hills Alternate Route. Road junction. Continue SW.)
L2H_085 (Alabama Hills Alternate Route. Leave road and follow wash southwest.)
L2H_086 (Alabama Hills Alternate Route. Join another dirt road heading south.)
L2H_087 (Alabama Hills Alternate Route. Road ends at brushy Lone Pine Creek (probably often dry here). Head west, in or near wash, to Whitney Portal Rd, then east to Lone Pine Campground road and end of alternate.)
L2H_088 (Junction main L2H route and Alabama Hills Alt. Leave Whitney Portal Rd (and Badwater Race Route), W-SW onto paved entrance road to Lone Pine Campground.)
L2H_089 (Trailhead for Whitney Portal National Recreation Trail (Inyo National Forest) at Lone Pine Campground (developed water).)
L2H_090 (Lone Pine Creek along Whitney Portal NRT (water here).)
L2H_091 (Start of Mt Whitney Trail at Whitney Portal (L2H follows Mt Whitney Trail to JMT and summit, USFS permit required beyond Lone Pine Lake). Portal store has grill when open. Campground by reservation.)
L2H_092 (Mirror Lake along Mt Whitney Trail)
L2H_093 (Trail Camp along Mt Whitney Trail. Last likely water.)
L2H_094 (Junction Mt Whitney Trail and John Muir Trail west of Trail Crest. Follow JMT north to Mt Whitney summit.)
L2H_095 (Summit of Mt Whitney (14,505'), southern terminus of the John Muir Trail (western terminus of L2H).)
NOTE: May have water in canyon