Glorieta Loop
Glorieta loop
property lines
Dr. Dean's Property
Route to Climbing
Optional Thompston Peak Route
baldy trail
Hiking Day 3 (20 Acre, Baldy, Back 30)
Track 15
Track 13
Track 12
Track 10
Hagen Road
Hagen Road
Catacombs Trail
Baldy Trail
Back 30 to Baldy
Wakefield Road
Trail Crew Blue Trail
To Gold Mine
Secret Trail
Ruiz Road
Ride Up To Stage 4
Old Zip Trail
Old Zip Road
Hagan Ridge Trail
Green Trail RV Park
Green Trail Challenge Course
Green Trail Behind Barn
Green Trail
Green Trail
Green Trail
Green Trail
Green Trail
Green Loop to Ruiz
Ghost Town Jeep Road
Ghost Town
Broken Arrow Enduro
Back 30 property
20 Acre Wood Rain Capture
Guide House
Back 30 Cabin
Catacombs Campsite
Church Cliffs
Dr Bill Dean's
Ghost Town Rock Climbing
Glorieta Baldy
interesting cliff
La Cueva Rappel
Neighbor Cliff
Paul's Campsite
Playground in the woods
Property Corner
Property Corner
Property Corner
Property Marker
Rain Capture
Road Meets Back 30 Trail
Ruiz Canyon Trailhead
Scampi Climbing Site
Shooting Range
Slot Canyon
Small Cave
Via Ferrata
Baldy Trail Head
Trails Join Together
Tree House
Western Town Fire Pit
Thompson Summit
Zipline Tour Start
checkout these boulders
Boulder Field