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new routing
Marin #1 SF to Limantour Estero 96m
Ferry to Sausalito
Arch collapsed, no longer passable
Lagunitas (bus, food, lodging)
Fairfax (bus, food, lodging)
bus stop route 30
Mill Valley (bus, food, lodging)
Mt. Tamalpais
Mt. Barnabe
bus stop (weekends only)
CalTrain Station
GGNRA Visitor Center and weekend Bus Stop
bus stop
Point Reyes NPS Visitor Center
Limantour Trailhead
Stinson Beach (bus, food, lodgin)
Pelican Inn (food, lodging)
Pt Reyes Station (bus, food, lodging)
Bolinas (bus, food, lodging)
Sausalito (bus, ferry, food, lodging)
bus stop
bus stop
Pt. Reyes Hostel
Pantoll campground, bus stop, ranger station
GGNRA Haypress camp
GGNRA Hawk camp
GGNRA Bicentennial camp
GGNRA Kirby Cove camp
Steep Ravine Environmental camp
Olema Valley campground
Fisherman's Wharf Hostel
Marin Headlands Hostel
Bootjack campground
SF Ferry Building (bus, ferry, food, lodging)
Olema (bus, food, lodging)
Samuel P. Taylor campground
Pt. Reyes Wildcat camp
Pt. Reyes Glen camp
Pt. Reyes Coast camp
Pt. Reyes Sky camp