Walk of Glory
Moraine To Klawatti

Eldorado Peak
To Moraine Lake
Klawatti to Eldorado
Camera Rescue Lap
Austera and Primus
Dorado Needl #1
Klawatti Peak
Klawatti to Primus
Hidden Lake trail

Lost your Marbles
Tepeh Towers
The Triad
Hidden lake lookout
Hidden lake peak
Chaco Tower
Tower 8240
Piltdown Tower
Tower 8200
Praying Mantis
Early morning Spire
Tyee Crag
Tricouni Peak
Tamath Crag
The Smokestack
Oliphant Tower
Flower Tower
Marble Needle
Bandana Spire
Deans Spire
Eldo Trailhead
Austera Peak
Klawatti Peak
North Klawatti Access
Dorado Needle
Klawatti Col Camp
Boston Forbidden Col
Moraine Lake Camp
Sharkfin Col
Tillies Tower
Primus Peak
Eldorado Peak
Sibley Pass
point 6804