CA Sec D
CA Sec D
CA Sec D
CA Sec D
CA Sec D
CA Sec D
CA Sec D
CA Sec D - Acorn Trail
CA Sec D - Acton KOA Route
CA Sec D - Baden Powell Trail
CA Sec D - Endangered Alternate
CA Sec D - Endangered Old Alternate
CA Sec D - Guffy Spring Trail
CA Sec D - Lamel Spring Trail
CA Sec D - Manzanita Trail
CA Sec D - Mount Baldy Trail
CA Sec E
CA Sec E
CA Sec E
CA Sec E - Horse Camp Trail
CA Sec E - Sawmill Trail
Holcomb Can. - W
Little Jimmy - W
Islip E Ridge
Islip SW Ridge
Dawson Ridge
Mine Gulch - W
Lower Fish Fork - W
Upper Fish Fork - W
Little Fish Fork - W
Iron Fork - W
Bridge To Nowhere
Narrows Camp (Approx.) - W
Allison Mine (Site) - W
Heaton Flat - W
Cedar Glen - W
Kelly Camp - W

Comanche - W
Third Stream Xing - W

Stone House Xing - W
Cucamonga Pk
Mt Baldy S Ridge
Mt Baldy
Bear Flat - W
Waterman Mtn.
Twin Saddle
Cooper Canyon - W
Cooper Canyon Falls
Old Logging Turnout - W
West Fork - W
Devore - W
Valley Forge - W
Switzer - W
Bear Canyon (unmaintained, approximate) - W
Strawberry Potrero
Mt. Lowe - W
Idlehour - W (Poison Oak!)
Henninger Flats - W
Spruce Grove
Newcomb Pass
Gould Mesa
Oakwilde (heavily damaged, overgrown)
Tom Lucas (heavily burned in 2009) - W?
Fall Creek - W (possibly a little sketchy)
Spring (Mainly OHV riders)
Cienaga - W
Messenger Flats
Devils Canyon
WR0364 (Guffy Spring, 1/10 mile north of the PCT. WATER ALERT: Next water southbound may be Cajon Pass in 22.3 miles.)
WR0370 (Grassy Hollow Visitor Center, water spigot.)
WR0376 (Lamel Spring, 425 ft south of PCT mile 375.9.)
WR0384 (Little Jimmy Spring)
WR0397 (Headwaters of Cooper Canyon)
WR0401 (Camp Glenwood, Boy Scout Camp, outhouse, picnic table, possible water tank.)
WR0407 (Sulphur Spring, 1/10 mile east of PCT. )
WR0410 (Seasonal Fiddleneck Spring )
WR0411 (Fountainhead Spring)
WR0419 (Mill Creek Fire Station, water spigot, trail register. WATER ALERT: Next northbound water may be the North Fork Ranger Station in 17.5 miles.)
WR0432 (Spring near Moody Canyon Road)
WR0436 (Paved road to the North Fork Ranger Station. WATER ALERT: Next southbound water may be the Mill Creek Ranger Station in 17.5 miles.)
WR0444 (Creek)
WR0453 (Vasquez Rocks Picnic Area)
WR0463 (Bear Spring. WATER ALERT: Next northbound water may be the Fire Station at San Francisquito Canyon Road in 15 miles.)
Rogers (unmaintained)
Lion (unmaintained)
Chantry Flat
Lower Bear - W
Glenn - W
Upper Bear - W (poison oak!!)
Bear Cr (unofficial)
Upper Shake
Boy Scout Trail Camp
ANF/SBNF Boundary - PCT Mile 364
ANF Boundary - PCT Mile 444
ANF Boundary - PCT Mile 457
ANF Boundary - PCT Mile 510