A (906 and Lake Mardee Rd and Ramp and 54)
B (Lake Mardee Rd and Road)
C (Nf-020 and Nf-2235 and Unpaved Road)
D (Unpaved Road)
E (Unpaved Road)
F (Unpaved Road)
G (Nf-2735)
H (Trail)
I (Trail)
J (Trail)
K (Trail)
L (Kendall Lakes Trail)
M (Kendall Lakes Trail)
N (Kendall Lakes Trail)
O (4600 ft height)
P (Kendall Lakes Trail)
4304 (4280 ft height)
A (Trail)
B (Trail)
C (Iron Horse Trail)
ChangePk (Iron Horse State Park)
D (Change Creek Trail)
E (Change Creek Trail)
F (Change Creek Trail)
G (Change Creek Trail)
H (Change Creek Trail)
I (Change Creek Trail)
J (3160 ft height)
K (Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest)
L (Unpaved Road)
M (Unpaved Road)
N (3600 ft height)
O (4080 ft height)
X (Unpaved Road)
Y (Unpaved Road)
Z (3520 ft height)