Park in this area
Alt exit
R11 10 (bolts LDC or downclimb or partner assisst)
R07 20 tree
R08 30 bolts RDC
R09 15 bolts RDC
R10 20 bolts LDC +pothole (R10 20 bolts LDC into pothole, some groups check pothole depth but recent rains has left a lot of silt and have raised it 1/2017)
Sign to First Water
Start of hike
Turn off to Mount Wilson trail
First Water
Exit point
R01 50 bolts ldc or tree (bolts LDC or tree, a 55' of rope for a waterfall 30' anchor 20 ' back)
R02 30 log
R03 20 bolts RDC
R04 30 bolts LDC (smooth slope wall )
R05 30 bolts RDC
R06 30 bolts RDC