Tonto-Boucher-to-Grandview 57.4m
4. gorge E of Lonetree
5. Cottonwood Creek
3. Indian Gardens
CATHEDRAL-STAIRS (Cathedral Stairs)
SANTA-MARIA-SPR (Santa Maria Spring)
013H-BOUCHER-JCT (Hermit-Boucher Junction)
000HERMIT-TH (Trailhead)
008FOSSIL (Fossil Tracks)
009WALDRON-TRL (Waldron Trail)
023DRIP-JCT (Dripping Spring Trail)
049YUMA-PT (Yuma Point)
057SUPAI-TOP (First Supai cliffs top)
064TRAV-WASH (Travertine Wash)
072FLATS (Flats before Whites Butte)
073REDWALL-DOWN (Gap in Redwall Arrive)
GRANVIEW-JCT (Trail of the Caves Trail junct)
COTTON-N (Turning into Cottonwood Canyon)
C-CAMP-TRL (Trail junction to campsites)
534CRK-CROSSING (Cottonwood Creek crossing)
532COTTON-CAMP (Campsite (big))
523COTTON-WATER (Canyon with water)
513COTTON-BEGIN (Turning out of Cottonwood Cyn)
508CAIRN-RT (Large cairn with a trail)
504SADDLE (Saddle, no campsites)
503FLAT-AREA (Flat area with marginal spaces)
502EXIT-GRAPEVINE (Turning into Grapevine Canyon)
488SPR-SIDE-CYN (Side canyon with a spring)
477GRAPEVINE-FORD (Crossing Grapevine Canyon)
475WEST-ARM (Crossing West Arm of Grapevine)
466SIDE-CYN (Shallow, multi-gully side cyn)
464G-CAMP (Campsite for 2 tents)
459GULLY (Trail cuts up Gully)
454VIEW-GORGE (First view into Inner Gorge)
448ENTER-GRAPEVINE (Saddle turn out of Grapevine)
419BOULDER-CRK (Boulder Wash)
415ENTER-BOULDER (Starting out of Boulder Cyn)
414WASH (Trail turns up little wash)
411SADDLE (Crossing a saddle)
410BOULD-CAMPS (Campsites)
409SIDE-CYN (Crossing side canyon)
403GORGE (Edge of the Inner Gorge)
397EXIT-LONETREE (Turning into Lonetree Canyon)
392SIDE-CYN (Trail drops into side canyon)
391RIDGE-CAMP (Ridge with campsites)
388LONETREE-WASH (Lonetree Wash)
SIDE-CYN (Back of a side canyon)
383LOW-RIDGE (Low ridge with marginal camps)
377MARG-CAMP (Marginal camps among cactus)
375ROCKY-CYN (Crossing rocky side canyon)
373NICE-CAMP (Rise with nice campsites)
371LOW-CAMP (Low ridge with campsites)
366LOW-RIDGE (Low ridge)
360NICE-CAMP (Broad ridge with campsites)
355CREMATION-E (Cremation Canyon (east fork))
352CREM-MIDDLE (Cremation Canyon (middle fork))
350SADDLE (Saddle)
348CREM-WEST (Cremation Canyon (west fork))
347DOWN (Up on the flats)
344LARGE-CAMP (Large campsite)
341DESCEND-CREMATION (Climbing out of Cremation Cyn)
340CAIRNS (Pair or large cairns)
338RIDGE-CAMP (Ridge with campsites)
336SIDE-CYN (Crossing a side canyon)
RIDGE-CAMPS (Ridge with many campsites)
331OUTHOUSE (Tipoff outhouse)
KAIBAB-JCT (Kaibab Trail Junction)
330SIGN (Sign Tonto Trail - West)
329KNOB-SADDLE (Little saddle behind knob)
323SIDE-CYN (Crossing a side canyon)
316LOW-SADDLE (Crossing a low saddle)
573COCO-TOP (Top of the Coconino)
575GRANDVIEW-TH (Grandview Trailhead)
310BURRO-CRK (Crossing Burro Creek)
307PIPE-WASH (Crossing Pipe Wash)
299BIG-SIDE-CYN (Crossing major side canyon)
295ENTER-PIPE-CYN (Leaving Pipe Canyon)
292LOW-SADDLE (Crossing a low saddle)
287EXIT-GARDEN-CRK (Ridge into Indian Garden area)
285BA-JCT (Bright Angle Trail junction)
281INDIAN-GARDEN-CAMP (Indian Garden Campground)
273PLATEAU-PT-JCT (Plateau Point - Tonto West jct)
267ENTER-BA (Turn out of BA drainage)
264RIDGE (Ridge)
260CLIFF-VIEW (Cliff with view)
254E-FORK-HORN-CYN (East Horn of Horn Canyon)
249HORN-CRK (West Horn of Horn Canyon)
242CLIFF-EDGE (Trail leaves edge of cliffs)
229NW-DANA-BUTTE (Northwest ridge of Dana Butte)
206SALT-CRK (Salt Creek)
193ALLIGATOR-RIDGE (Below east arm Alligator)
185CEDAR-SPR (Cedar Spring Wash)
180W-ALLIGATOR (West Arm of the Alligator)
173MONUMENT-CRK (Monument Creek)
158COPE-BUTTE-SDL (Saddle below Cope Butte)
151TONTO-HERMIT-JCT (Tonto-Hermit Trail Junction)
142H-RAPIDS-JCT (Hermit Rapids Trail junction)
140OUTHOUSE (Hermit Creek Camp outhouse)
139HERMIT-CRK-FORD (Hermit Creek Crossing)
134NO-CAMP (Broad area with illegal camps)
120ENTER-HERMIT (Turn out of Hermit drainage)
117EXIT-TRAV (Turn into Travertine drainage)
110TRAVERTINE-WASH (Travertine Wash)
107CAMPS-BOULDERS (Large boulder pile, camps)
106ENTER-TRAV (Turn out of Travertine Canyon)
105RIDGE-CAMPS (Ridge on sidehill, camps)
SDL-CAMPS (Saddle, camps)
101ROCKY-PT (Rocky point)
097KNOB-CAMPS (Saddle at rocky knob, camps)
093EXIT-B-CAMPS (Turn into Boucher Cyn, camps)
091LOW-NICE-CAMP (Low ridge with nice campsites)
083TONTO-JCT (Tonto-Boucher trail junction)
086BOUCHER-CAMP (Boucher camp)
553CAMP (Campsite in open)
570COCO-BASE (Base of Coconino (camp))
572CORNER (Corner on point in Coconino)
552RIDGE-CAMP (Campsite on ridge)
MINESHAFT (Mine shaft (adit))
551PG-SPR-TRL (Trail junction (sign))
550COTTON-CRK-JCT (Cottonwood Creek Trail junction)
TOILET (Toilets (40 yards from Site #3))
STONE-BLDG (Stone building)
GROUP-CAMP-TRL (Trail to group sites)
VISITOR-CENTER (Visitor Center)
RT-64-JCT (Hwy 180 at Hwy 64)
GV-RD (Hwy 64 at Grandview Road)