Red Lake Stevens
Pueblo from hwy
Tells group
Twin Peaks #1
Granite Chie #1
Snow Mountai #1
Corral Ridge
Bloods Ridge
Corral Ridge road
South Sister
Swan Lake drive
Modoc drive
Old Man
Granite drive
Lassen Peak
Mount Eddy
Swan Lake
Modoc Pt
Gray Butte
Disaster drive
Matterhorn to Twin Falls
Gods Pocket drive
Gods Pocket
Matterhorn descent
Matterhorn from Elko
Hayden NW
Pueblo drive
Duffer drive
Duffer traverse
Steens drive
Warner drive
King Lear
King Lear drive
Lassen WHP
Dunn drive
George drive
Hayden south
War Eagle
Hayden drive
Cache drive
Wood drive
Dunn to Cache
Jeff Davis
Ralston south
Govt cutoff
Warner to Steens
Hat west
Fredonyer direct
Disaster west drive
no day use permits needed in Mokelumne Wilderness
"Silver" 10772 unranked, on Ogul list
Round T 12
Highland 4
Matterhorn (P4K)
Old Man 38
Cougar 42
Cache (cohp)
Gods Po 51
Dunn BM (unranked, on GBPL)
Eagle P 58, cohp
Steens (Harney cohp, OR)
Duffer (unranked, on GBPL)
King Le 83
Pueblo 90
Hayden (cohp)
Warner 99
Fredon 101
Wood B 106
Swan L 110
20 ft monolith at top (Class 3 knife edge - Burd)
Raymond 16
Price, 18
Dicks P 19
Jacks P 20
Reynold 22
Red Pea 30
Lola, M 36
Castle 37
McConne 38
Class 4 see LOJ picture. Burd's TR - technical?
Basin P 40
Granite 41
Needle 43
Tinker 44
Silver 45
Lyon Pe 46
Twin Peaks East is the ranked peak and the one on the list
Tells P 48
Anderso 50
Sierra 52
Mildred 53
English 54
Haskell 56
Black B 57
Snow Mo 58
Signal 59
Elwell, 60
Old Man 61
Fillmor 62
Devils 63
spur road to pullout
this looks better on sat - see USFS map
For the nipple itself, circle around to the right you'll find a very easy ramp leading to the top
Corral Ridge is a cohp - 8180. Peak is unranked. Not on lists.
This is also a cohp (not on lists) - do with Lola
Thunder is a cohp - do when do the others in this area. Equal contours to SE. Trail shows on Forest map.
county line on topo
9390 ranked
trail, not road. can only see enough to believe it exists. distance will be longer
camped next to corral
9269 is the ranked peak. not drawn on sat map yet
on list, unranked
these 4 on list are unranked with 2 ranked unnamed peaks on ridge too
9140 - ranked
9420 - ranked - this contour higher
unranked, on list
can these roads be driven? These 3 from here?
not drawn carefully yet
8652 ranked
unranked, on list
checkerboard - can you drive these roads from the west?
8514 is ranked - detour to it
8385 ranked
Mildred Ridge ranked
Anderson and Tinker from here?
unranked, on list
possible to drive to here?
this was a winter track. Can the road be driven? Both peaks from here.
Bloods Ridge is ranked
This was a snow track. Is the Jeep road driveable? OHV only?
track went here. This contour is higher than other ones to NW and W. I modified track to go to county line on map in case can't tell where highest ground is
This is a cohp
gate, private prop
actual road end - not sure if can drive this far
this trail requires getting permission
TH - parking
can't see road in trees
leave trail
descr says to go to saddle on S ridge, but looks like a wall the whole way along. Not sure my route is good - looks like it might follow ledges. Unranked, Cl. 4, on GBPL
brushy - need to walk?
goes through brushy section
Big day to do all 5 NV 10ers. Start in dark - trail for a long time. Much of terrain will be very slow for me - might not be reasonable to do more than Matterhorn/Cougar.
last in Boundary Pk wilderness
7695 - ranked
Crystal Hot Springs
This contour highest
gate - no access here?
Can go out west to CR-64 and US-395
8493 ranked - driveup? too steep?
turn here to free (2016) nice CG and TH (no guard station here)
8742 - ranked - do on return
Eagle from here
driveup - do with Fredonyer
pretty steep - go back out as came?
6581 - ranked
Little - ranked
road gets faint
Dirt road is in great shape and no problem for regular cars. The top 200 vertical feet is gated (to cars), but an easy walk from the large parking lot below.
6500 ranked
near driveup when road is open
parking for hot springs (natural)
park if road is open/can drive it
7210 ranked
parking. Road is 4WD/HC and closed Dec 1-Aug 1.
climbed Eddy, pd $25 pp, backpacked in, use trail Horse Camp to Hidden Valley, camped SW end by stream. Climb: crampons/axe out at NE end Hidden Valley. Drainage to saddle. One steep section of snow. Sand talus above saddle. Plunge step down. (8/8/17)
only road that isn't gated on FS topo
Edgewood - ranked
Modoc BM - ranked
can see road exists but not well enough to draw it well. No idea if driveable.
Modoc Point - ranked
2 equal contours
good road to here
driveup with high clearance
6150 ranked
leave good road here
equal contour - extended track that ended at spot elevation
4WD road to here
the spot elevation is not in the contours; GBPL list has Duffer as 9397
other ranked peaks nearby look miserable
Bull Mtn - already climbed (UT cohp) - ranked, so do again for count
Pine Forest Range HP (P4K)
natural hot springs - parking. might be signed - is on private land parcel
northern branches better
very nasty looking rocky traverse with trees and deadfall, class 3 spots
this line is least rocky
traverse is better than ridge - better to drop?
Shell station
motel, cafe, bar. No gas as of 2014.
gas etc
Warner from here
Warner from here
"only about 6 vertical feet (1-2 moves) of scrambling on an otherwise mostly class 1 with a bit of class 2 hike"
Lassen Volcanic WHP
too steep?
only do if can drive far enough. can't see most of road in trees, but what can see looks good.
lg parking area on E side of road
Burd - N summit highest, class 3 pinnacle, easier and better rock than it looks, but it looks pretty serious
Table - 6906
3 equal contours. can't see anything in snow on sat map, class 2 on LOJ
can't see trail in snow on sat map
8858 - ranked
George 9601 - ranked. rocky top
if can drive this far, can probably drive to top
can't draw well with snow on sat
can't see roads in snow on sat
can't see road in snow on sat
drops steeply. can't see for sure with snow. try to do western line instead if can. doesn't look like it goes through near N end.
truck stop - gas, shower
bldg or remnant. two-track beyond here
road to here
Durfee hot springs, rv park, restaurants
less than 200 miles Snowville truck stock to Dunn group to Cache via Almo then out to Twin Falls
side creek crossing?
Rough creek crossing - road is in creek. Burd tore hole in oil pan here and was stranded. Can see log down across creek. Park before this and walk - bring galoshes. Reports say there are several crossings.
parking pullout
old faint trail/animal trail to Rex Mine
leave trail
Government Pk (unranked, on LOJ)
Modified Burd track. Didn't match trail well so prob doesn't match where he went off-trail either. Can't see much of upper route in snow/trees so couldn't correct all of it.
descent route is Bob Bolton's ascent/descent route.
ridge between Cougar and Matterhorn is the worst - talus, boulders, trees. Sounds pretty bad from saddle at top of trail all the way to at least Matterhorn.
9300 - ranked
fence - old road continues as trail
2 trails split and rejoin after 9300
Jarbidge follows ID (Mountain) time zone
reports say bugs intolerable in June, July. Do this late season - creeks, bugs.
104 mi, 3:15 from downtown Elko; 97 mi, 3:10 to Twin Falls; 40 mi r.t. to Gods Pocket - should work on 1 tank, but get gas in Jarbidge if can. (2:40 Jarbidge to Gods Pocket)
gas (?)
unranked, on LOJ
Silver 10820 ranked
do both summits. both on LOJ
This TH has a day use fee
parking - probably part of day use TH fee area
St Pk parking lot, day use fee, no overnight parking
parking on W side shoulder starts here and goes north
Day hiking in Deso Wilderness requires a permit, self-issue at most major THs
day use fee
"Last 100 ft is a scramble"
road passes through brush? trees? skirt it to west if nec
cohp, Class 1, driveup or at least to south ridge when road is snow-free. Do with northern Oguls.
road to west TH is rough beyond here
This is the only other CA cohp in the area.
road is rough and passes through private property
A south summit is higher
cohp, Class 1
gas here
road to here
parking pullout
brush and talus to here
this is google's suggested drive route, and road looks ok, but it passes right through farms, and the distance is too far from Cedarville to Yellow to Disaster to Shell station this way