Sedona MTB: Chuckwagon - Mescal - Long Canyon
Sedona mtb-West Tour
Sedona mtb Fat Tire Loop
Humphreys peak trail
Hurricane Rim Loop - IMBA Epic
McKenzie River Trail (MRT)
Sandy Ridge Trail System - Full Tour
Golden Spike, SST, and Back Door Descent
Wedekind - Crestline - Greenline #6 Loop
Evolution, Unemployment Line, and Atomic Dog Descent
Grand Canyon-Widforss Trail (Mary recommendation)
Grand Canyon-Nankoweap
Mount Sir Donald Approach
Phil's World (
Deschutes-Buckhollow to Pine Tree (This is a very short section of river with only one class III rapid. Wreck Rapids has a clean line down the far river right. The center can also be run but it contains boulders hidden just under the surface of the water. This section is a good start to the 40 mile multi-day trip that ends at the Columbia River. )
McKenzie River
Deschutes River
Owyhee 1 (The first 5 or so miles of this trip take explorers through eastern Oregon farmland where avoiding gravel bars and choosing the right path around prairie islands are the real challenge. At about 5.5 miles the river suddenly comes around a corner and goes from flat farm land and into a narrow, vertical walled river gorge making the first spectacular canyon of the trip. In the afternoon the group will find a nice camp for spending the evening. Most camps in this part of the canyon mix impressive riverside scenery with steep hikes to wide vistas.)
Owyhee 2 (In the morning the group will float into Sweetwater Canyon and the white water will begin. Multiple class III rapids including Long Sweetwater, Upset, and Bulls Eye keep things exciting and require you to focus back on the river and stop taking in the scenery. Around lunch the group will float into Weeping Wall Springs where under ground springs poor water from the vertical rock wall. This is a great spot to fill your water bottle with true spring water. The afternoon has two very exciting class III rapids leading into a camp with a hot spring pool in one-direction and some of the best hiking on the Owyhee in the other. Hikes into Pruitt?s Castle and the Chalk Basin will lead you to some of the most impressive views of the trip. Horizontal bands of different colors make obvious layers in these unique formations created under a shallow lake 10 million years ago. As on all nights, relax after dinner around the campfire and share stories with your new friends before crawling into your tent to spend the evening.)
Owyhee 3 (Today is an exciting day. Today the group will go into the heart of the Owyhee Canyon, officially known as Green Dragon Canyon. In this canyon solid rock walls climb right out of the water to almost 1000ft over you. As in any tight gorge we run into some great whitewater to keep us busy between pools where we turn our heads skyward to try and take in the grandness of this spectacular canyon. In the inner gorge the group will paddle through two class III rapids before coming into the only true class IV rapid of the trip, Montgomery (however in an inflatable kayak it?s really more of a III). Not far below Montgomery we will come into a camp in the heart of the gorge.)
Owyhee 5
Owyhee 4 (Wake up and watch the sun slide down the 800ft vertical wall based right in camp. As the rays from the sky reach our little beach and start to warm your skin we will prepare to put back on the river. By this point all the stress of your day to day life has been long forgotten and you have become fully invested in enjoying the scenery of the river and taking on the day to day tasks of river life. Waking up, eating, running the river, finding camp, eating, relaxing, and sleeping. It?s a great cycle of life and today is just another day. As we come out of the inner gorge of Green Dragon Canyon we will float into our class III rapids for the day including Nuisance which makes for an exciting rock garden. The afternoon today is filled with class II rapids which will always keep the group on our toes. If everything works out, tonights camp is a guides favorite. With amazing scenery, hiking, and a hot-spring pool this is one of the best riverside camps anywhere.)
Grand Gulch-bullet canyon (
grand gulch-Collins canyon
Grand Gulch - Todie Canyon to Grand Gulch (Todie Canyon has many archeological sites, but is a steep and rugged class 3 route." "head west along an old dirt road, then foot trail. Further along, and as you drop off from the mesa into the canyon, it's rather steep with some zig-zaging among large boulders...)
Navajo Natl-Betakin Cliff Dwelling
water hole canyon
horseshoe bend
Antelope Canyon
Dale Ball Outer Limits
White Ridge Trail System - Main Loop
High Desert Trail System, 3rd and 2nd Mesa Loop
Zuni Sawmill
Zuni Torreon
Zuni-Smokin' Handlebar Trail
Zuni-Quaking Aspen Trail
Zuni-Strawberry Canyon Trail
Zuni-Purple Haze Trail
Zuni-24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest
Zuni Quaking Aspen
Zuni Quasimoto
Zuni Plush Trail
Zuni Stuck Truck
Zuni Mountain Tank
Zuni Mikes Rippin
Zuni Tampico
Umpqua MTB
Mt Olympus - Hoh River
Mt Adams route
Swampy to Phil's
McKenzie River
tiger mtn run
Devils Gulch
Enchantments Trail
Mt Rainier loop
pot peak trail
North Fork 25 mile creek trail
Wedgemount trail
Wedgemount trail alt2
grand teton
Grand Canyon-Mount Hayden (3-pitch 5.8 south face
Humphreys Peak
Mt Adams Ranger Station
Sedona MTB-Long Canyon TH
McCloyd Canyon TH
The Overlook
Bisti-petrified wood
The Smoke Bluffs
Cerro Pedernal
Zuni TH
Zuni TH
Zuni TH
High Desert MTB TH
La Ventana Natural Arch
White Ride TH
Dale Ball TH alt
Dale Ball TH
three sisters
Bugaboo TH
Glacier Peak
Big Sandy Trailhead
Cirque of the Towers
Mt Shasta
Mt McLoughlin
Bend, OR
Powell-Annies Canyon (huge watery alcove, covering a small rocky and sandy beach (at the right lake level) where you can camp. When it rains, you will be right next to a very neat waterfall, and you will actually be camping behind another one...but only when it rains)
Powell-Sevenmile (good for kayaking, and a good hike if you?re into rock scrambling)
Powell-White Canyon (One of my favorite of all Lake Powell hikes is White Canyon)
Powell-Iceberg (Iceberg is particularly tall and somewhat narrow)
Powell-Smith Channel Slot Canyon ( one of the best slot canyons on the lake. Good for kayaking, but great for hiking. You can pass through the slot, then hike all the way up to the top of the plateau)
Powell-Bullfrog Launch site
Mt Adams
Mount Sir Donald Bivy?
Mt Jefferson
San Antonio Hot Spring?
San Antonio Hot Springs
Wedekind TH
Bisti-Red Queen
Bonanza Peak
Clark Mountain
Luahna Peak
Ten peak
Bisti-petrified wood
Bisti - nest of hoodoos
indian creek
Monument Valley
valley of gods camp1
Brazos parking?
coyote yurt ( $25/night)
Cascade huts ( $300 Mt hood loop)
Mt Hood
Grand Canyon-Cape Final (Nick and Mary spot, great for the sunset)
Mt Torment
Sharkfin Tower (
Johannesburg Mtn
Mount Buckner
The Triad
Davis Peak
Phils World
valley of gods camp 3
Mount Sir Donald
valley of gods-camp2
valley of gods camp 4
Tent Rocks
Upset Rapid - Class III
Bulls Eye - Class III (Boulder Garden Class III rapid)
Maupin, OR
Buckhollow launch
Deschutes River State Recreation Area
Pine Tree put in?
Grand Gulch-Kane Gulch Ranger station
Ollalie MP13
McKenzie Bridge MP59
Rome put-in
Long Sweetwater - Class III
Reat-it-and-weep - Class III (Run class III rapid.)
Artillery - Class III (This is a really fun rapid in the Orange Torpedo Inflatable Kayaks)
hot springs
Montgomery - Class IV
Whistling Bird - Class III (Fun class III rapid with a big cave on the right.)
Canyon Camp
Just another fun class III rapid.
birch creek take-out
Greeley-bar camp (One of the best camps on any river. Great view, AND a hotsprings just outside of camp!)
Grand Gulch-jailhouse ruin (Jailhouse Ruin is about 0.2 miles down canyon from Perfect Kiva, and instead of descending back into the canyon from Perfect Kiva, you can walk the slickrock bench around to Jail House Ruin)
national bridges national monument
La Cueva Canyon Upper - Estrellita (
Collings Spring TH
Grand Gulch-lookout tower ruin?
carlsbad caverns
Mesa Verde NP-cliff palace (larges cliff dwellings)
Bisti-elegant hoo doo
Bisti Badlands parking
Petrified Forest National Park
Navajo National Monument - Betakin overlook
Canyon du Chelley
painted desert (tribal land)
waterholes canyon TH
water hole-exit
water hole-entry (at old junk car)
antelope canyon
Mount Sir Donald TH (Illecillewaet Campground)
Grand Canyon - Point Imperial (camping OK on USFS land)
Grand Canyon-Cape Royal
Powell-Cathedral in the Desert
Powell-Rainbow Bridge National Monument
Umpqua Hot Springs
Jemez Springs
Bisti Arch
Bist-Knights Arch
Bisti-flat top arch
Bisti-flying Gator Arch
Bisti-two windows arch
Bisti egg hatchery
Bisti Rock Garden
Bisti-the drum stick
Bisti-the wings ( )
Bisti-dino hoodoo
Bisti-Ostrich Hoodoo
Bisti-seal hoodoo
Bisti-paint palette hoodoo
Bisti-two snakes hoodoo
Bisti-Bonnet twins
Bisti-hunter wash hoodoo
bisti Doo Doo Bird Hoodoo
Bisti-manta ray
Bisti-the pedestal
bisti-red rock garden
Chaco Canyon-Pueblo Bonito Ruins
grand gulch-prefect kiva ruins
Grand gulch-granaries
wall ruins and pic
cave ruins
green mask ruins and spring
petroglyphs, ruins
pictograph, granaries, ruins
multi-level ruins
split level ruins
2 level ruins
2 ruins
2 ruins
25 structures
junction ruins
ruins & pictograph
ruins & petroglyph
west canyon (best all around canyon hike in the colorado plateau)
Wahweap Marina
Antelope Point Marina
Halls crossing Marina
bullfrog marina
Jacks Canyon
Cathedral Canyon (Cathedral Slot Canyon on Lake Powell is one of the most popular destinations on Lake Powell after Rainbow Bridge. At the right water level there is a waterfall at the very end of the canyon. Like many of the other slot canyons, Cathedral Slot Canyon is very popular among kayakers, jet skiers and tour guides.)
Hurricane Ridge TH
El Rito Sport area
start of designated dispersed camping
El Rito main wall
Brazos Cliffs
diablo canyon camping
SR_NW Face
SR_The Dihedrals
SR_Picnic Lunch Wall
SR_morning glory wall
SR_Spiderman Buttres
Smith Rock
TH Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area
Mt Adams TH
TH lemish-charlton-lakes-loop
Funner-Tiddlywinks TH
Little Tahoma Peak
Mt Daniel
TH Swampy to Phil's
Mt Stuart
Trestle Hole - Left
wreck - right
Paradise MP54
Frisell MP16
Devils Gulch TH
The Apron
The Smoke Bluffs wall area
Chek-The Crest & Conroys Castle
Toxic Lichen
Galaxy Buttress
Symmetry Spire
Grand Teton
Ruth Mountain
Colchuck-Dragontail TH
South Early Winters Spire
earwax wall
shady lane
upper town wall
pressure drop wall
private idaho
rattletale wall
great northern slab
White Chuck
White Chuck TH
ruth mtn TH
vancouver airport
shannon falls
shannon falls
Mt Habrich
Wedge Mtn
Duffey Lake Provential Park
WedgeMount Hut
Wedgemount TH
yak peak
Mt St piran
buck mtn
The Lodge
city of rocks
Fossill Springs TH (
Jerome (artist community, historic town )