Hiked in at Onion Valley, out at Whitney Portal. High points were Kearsarge Pass, Forester Pass, Whitney Summit. Total distance was 50 miles.
Onion Valley to Kearsarge Basin (Onion Valley to Kearsarge Basin. Notable ascents, up Kearsarge Pass. Highlights include Gilbert Lake.)
Kearsarge Basin to Bubb's Creek (Not much for ascending on this day. Easy hike from Kearsarge Basin to Bub's Creek, where we camped in anticipation of Forester Pass.)
Bubb's to Tyndall (Notable ascents on this day, Forester Pass. )
Tyndall to Guitar Lake (Hike to Guitar Lake. Among the highlights was the Bighorn Plateau at about 11,500 feet. First good view of Whitney.)
Guitar Lake to Whitney Portal (w/summit) (Long day, ascent to Whitney, final 1.9 mile cherry stem is steep, gnarly. The hike out is long and challenging. Lots of trail obstacles, was difficult to complete in the dark.)
No camping (No camping in the area around Bullfrog Lake.)