D3 Temperance Creek to Pleasant Valley
D1 Freezout to Hat Creek
D2 Hat Creek to Temperance Creek
D3.1 Somer's Point Sidetrip (snow)
D3 Temperance Creek to Pleasant Valley
D4 KP to PV
D4.3 Tryon Creek Viewpoint Sidetrip
D5 Tryon Creek to Little Deep
D4 Shortcut
D6 Lil Deep to Dug Bar!
D4.3 to Tryon Creek Ranch
D6 Map Route
Tryon Creek Viewpoint Sidetrip (Fine side trip! 1 mile, 500ft)
Tryon Creek Ranch Camps
Temperance Creek Camp (Awesome campsite?)
Somer's Point Sidetrip (Steep ascent to an outstanding viewpoint. 1 mile, 1200 feet)
Somer's Creek Camps (Good Camps or Lunchspot)
Poison Ivy Ahead!
Poison Ivy Ahead
Pleasant Valley Camps (Nice Campsit)
Nice Deep Creek Campsite 2
Long Ascent (2k Feet!!!!!)
Log Creek Camps (Decent Camps)
Shit? Little Deep Creek Camps (Nice camps? Could be shit from cattle.)
(crowded?) Kneeland Place Campsite (Nice Campsite, can be crowded out by horse packers.)
Hat Creek Campsite (Open bench with great campsite)
Freezeout Trailhead (Freezeout Trailhead)
Dug Bar Exit
Deep Creek Camps 3
Deep Creek Camp (Excellent camp in the trees)
Bull Creek Campsites
Bad Poison Ivy Ahead!!! (Worst of the trip!!!!)
Bushwack east
Creek Ford 1
Creek Ford
Map/GPS Divergence
Hominy Creek Camps
Elk and Cruise