(Portage #563. Appx. 302yds. Accesses Vernon lake and two additional Campsites.)
(Portage #558. Appx. 181yds long. Accesses Echo Lake.)

(Camp 967. Reports of room for 9 people. level. No good fishing. Will pass this campsite in route to Brule Bay. Good site incase we have to get off water quick.)
(Brule Lake Rd. parking and access area)
(Camp 940)
(Camp 939. No information available.)
(Camp 953. Reports of being very exposed without much cover.)
(Camp 951. Reports of decent fishing right off point. flat campsite with plenty of room for 3 tents.)
(Camp 970. Plenty of tent pads. Shaded. Reports of great fishing right in bay.)
(Camp 971. Tent pads nice and level. Reports of being able to hold 4 tents. Protected from elements.)
(Camp 969. Reports that site can hold 3 tents.)
(Camp 968. Site can hold 4 tents and is right by a waterfall.)
(Camp 972. Reports that the site can hold 2 tens and doesn't seem to get much use because the landing is a little hard to find.)
(Camp 973. Plenty of tent pads and a short path to a near by waterfall that you can hear all the time from camp.)
(Camp 974. Reports of site being able to hold 4 people. Smallies and Northern have been caught right at site.)