Compass coordinates for exiting Marcy's summit via Van Hoevenberg Trail (i.e. towards ADK Loj).
74M and 550ft
52M and 700ft
77 Magnetic
57 Magnetic
Van Hoevenberg Trail
Alpine Bog
Schofield Cobble
Cairn S12 (03-SEP-16 15:22:50)
Cairn S11 (03-SEP-16 15:23:16)
Cairn S10 (03-SEP-16 15:23:53)
Cairn S9 (03-SEP-16 15:24:38)
Cairn S8 (03-SEP-16 15:25:24)
Cairn S13 (03-SEP-16 15:22:25)
USGS Marker (Marker)
Highest Point (Summit)
Cairn N5 (Cairn)
Cairn N4 (Cairn)
Cairn N3 (Cairn)
Cairn N2 (Cairn)
Cairn N1 (Cairn)
Cairn S2 (03-SEP-16 15:31:08)
Cairn S3 (03-SEP-16 15:30:37)
Cairn S4 (03-SEP-16 15:29:49)
Cairn S16 (03-SEP-16 15:21:08)
Cairn N6 (Cairn)
Cairn N7 (Cairn)
Cairn N8 (Cairn)
Commemorative Plaque
Cairn S15 (03-SEP-16 15:21:36)
Cairn S14 (03-SEP-16 15:22:00)
Cairn S1 (cairn)
Cairn S5 (03-SEP-16 15:28:12)
Cairn S6 (03-SEP-16 15:27:17)
Cairn S7 (03-SEP-16 15:26:22)