SCL01 (Salt Creek-Lavender Canyon Loop (Track 1))
Canyonlands NP: Chesler Park to Salt Creek Canyon
SCK001 (Salt Creek Trailhead. Head north on pack trail)
SCK002 (Cairn at milepoint 3.3)
SCK003 (Pools, waterfall; good watering point)
SCK004 (Kirk Cabin)
SCK012 (Lone pinyon atop slickrock slide; turn right)
SCK009 (Easily accesible stream; good watering point. Backtrack to waypoint SCK007 )
SCK007 (Big pocket; faint trail; turn left for a 1.6-mile round-trip to Natural Arch)
SCK010 (Good lunch spot on slickrock)
SCK008 (Natural Arch on right)
SCK006 (Old fence)
SCK005 (National Park Service Campsites )
SCK011 (Begin ridge climb out of Big Pocket)
SCK017 (Traverse right)
SCK018 (Gain ridgeline)
SCK015 (Traverse right)
SCK016 (Climb slabs straight up)
SCK021 (Red saddle; swing east)
SCK022 (Spectacular views into South Fork of Davis Canyon)
SCK023 (Turn southeast)
SCK024 (WPT027)
SCK019 (Caution: There are some exposed moves here.)
SCK020 (Top out onto plateau rim; head NEN)
SCK013 (Go up on the left)
SCK014 (Switchback left up slabs)
SCK027 (Return to streambed after detour and loose downclimb)
SCK025 (10.50 MI)
SCK026 (Intersect old road then descend red streambed to the northeast; detour left around all obstacles)
SCK034 (Possible water point)
SCK030 (streambed)
SCK031 (Large alcove; good shade)
SCK029 (Ramp returns you to streambed after long ledge detour)
SCK028 (Boulder pile allows passage across pourover)
SCK039 (Top of slickrock gully)
SCK035 (South Fork: Large pool and running stream provides good water source. Continue southeast into Lavendar Canyon to Cleft Arch. )
SCK036 (Turn right to cleft arch)
SCK038 (Go up slickrock gully)
SCK032 (Lavender Canyon wash; turn right/southeast)
SCK033 (Park Service gate)
SCK042 (Cross ravine)
SCK043 (Head up ridge on the right)
SCK044 (Traverse right under red cliff)
SCK037 (Go up slab on left. This route avoids crytogram soil and bushwhacking)
SCK040 (Clft Arch: Slickrock alcove provides shelter from wind and sun. Backtrack.)
NEE001 (From the Elephant Hill trailhead, hike south to the adjacent mesa top, climbing steadily past aromatic sagebrush and canyons with capped, mushroom-like spires. As you gain elevation, turn around for a pace-halting scene: The snowcapped La Sal Mountains rise to 12,000 feet behind distant mesas and gorges, while pink-and-white-striped rock towers line the foreground.)
SCK050 (Sideroad on right; continue straight back to trailhead)
SCK047 (Old road cut)
SCK048 (Old roadway thru pinyon/juniper visible running due south)
SCK049 (Meet road; turn right (west))
SCK046 (Cairn marks top of Lavender Canyon's South Fork)
SCK045 (Traverse left)
SCK041 (Take faint trail into South Fork)
NEE007 (Bear left and hike south into Chesler Park.)
NEE003 (Walk through another slickrock gap and descend into Elephant Canyon.)
NEE004 (Cross sandy wash. Ditch your pack in the wash for a 3.6-mile side trip to Chesler Park.)
NEE005 (Trail goes left along mouth of a canyon rimmed with hoodoos.)
NEE006 (Go left at the Y-junction. Climb a sandy, rocky path to a pass bordered by toothy formations and with views of canyons, spires, and the La Sals.)
NEE002 (Bear right, following sign to Chesler Park and Druid Arch. Pass through a less-than-10-foot-wide gap in the slickrock, then enter a sage field surrounded by a semi-circular sandstone cliff.)
NEE013 (Follow the rocky wash south. Ahead: You'll encounter dryfalls and scrambles up slickrock benches. The payoff: Monstrous views north of the Needles and complete solitude. Only the wind and occasional birdsong echoes through the canyon.)
NEE012 (Potential campsite: EC3)
NEE011 (Leave your pack, grab dayhiking supplies, then bear right for a 4.5-mile round-trip to 85-foot-high Druid Arch.)
NEE010 (Spend the first night at EC2, on the right. The next day, go south .2 mile to where the canyon forks.)
NEE009 (Pick up your pack and turn right (south) into Elephant Canyon. Go .6 mile to your first camp at EC2, perched on a slickrock bench.)
NEE008 (Stop and take in this 960-acre expanse stippled with bunchgrass and rimmed by 800-foot-tall, multi-colored spires. On windy days, you can hear the breeze whistle as it whips around the formations. Return to Elephant Canyon and your pack.)
NEE017 (Follow cairns as they wind along the canyon rim. turn left for a grin-inducing obstacle course: jump over a three-foot-wide gap, tightrope walk across logs lining the bottom of a five-foot-wide rock tunnel, then climb up a pourover to a redrock pass. )
NEE016 (Climb a metal ladder into neighboring Squaw Canyon and traverse northeast along the exposed northern rim of the canyon for a mile.)
NEE014 (Stop at the foot of 85-foot-high Druid Arch, which is reminiscent of Stonehenge. Backtrack to your pack.)
NEE018 (Top of the pass. Next, drop into Big Spring Canyon and follow it northeast 1.4 miles to your second camp at BS2.)
NEE015 (Pick up your pack and head southeast up the east fork of Elephant Canyon.)
NEE019 (Camp at BS2. Day three: Hike northeast less than two miles to Squaw Flat trailhead.)
NEE020 (Continue straight.)
NEE021 (Bear right at the Y-junction.)
NEE022 (Squaw Flat trailhead: Take a half-mile detour to fill water in Campground B, then wind south into Squaw Canyon through a wide, hoodoo-rimmed meadow. )
NEE023 (Go left at Y-junction. Follow the sandy trail south into Squaw Canyon through a wide, hoodoo-rimmed meadow.)
NEE024 (Veer left for a slickrock scramble to a 5,480-foot pass. )
NEE025 (Carefully descend a steep pourover with loose rocks into Lost Canyon.)
NEE026 (Follow the snaking, cottonwood-lined wash northeast for 2.5 miles past pools with bullfrogs and salamanders.)
NEE033 (Crawl through a rock window.)
NEE032 (Views north of Wooden Shoe Arch)
NEE031 (Top of boulder climb)
NEE028 (LC2)
NEE029 (Turn left toward Peekabo Spring.)
NEE030 (Sleep at LC1. On the fourth day, you'll tackle a dizzying traverse that runs east on ledges roughly 200 feet above lower Lost and Squaw Canyons; downclimb a ladder through a claustrophobic, three-foot-wide slot; then descend stone steps into lower Salt Creek Canyon.)
NEE027 (LC3)
NEE039 (Pass through a clearing with breathtaking views of spires.)
NEE037 (Turn left for the side trip to Angel Arch.)
NEE036 (Sleep at Angel Arch camp, shaded by two large cottonwoods. Day five: Start this 9.1-mile day with a four-mile out-and-back to Angel Arch. Continue south to the junction.)
NEE035 (Look over your left shoulder to see a crescent arch.)
NEE034 (Walk through a roughly 15-foot gap, located next to some rock art. In late summer, you may spot black bears snacking on the fruit of prickly pear cactus.)
NEE041 (Wild roses flank the trail here.)
NEE040 (Pass a campsite that's marked, but not named.)
NEE038 (Angel Arch: Stare up at this striking arch named for the winged figure that seems to be leaning back on a 135-foot-tall arch. Backtrack to NEE037 and turn left; hike south through grassy clearings with wild rose bushes.)
NEE045 (Look up and right to see rock art.)
NEE046 (Overnight at SC3 where the canyon broadens (mile 39.9). On the sixth day, slow your pace to savor a 5.3-mile stretch of relics left by ancestral Puebloans in 1200 A.D. You?ll pass a round stone-and-mortar granary, pictographs (one resembles four figures playing musical instruments), and cliff dwellings. )
NEE042 (Old farm area)
NEE043 (Trail runs through a wash.)
NEE044 (Turn left to see the Upper Jump, a 15-foot waterfall pouring down tiered ledges.)
NEE048 (Ruins)
NEE049 (Downclimb through narrows.)
NEE047 (The route runs past a small waterfall that pours into a lagoon-like pool surrounded by tall grasses.)
NEE056 (Skinny arch)
NEE057 (More ruins)
NEE053 (Ruins)
NEE054 (Arch)
NEE055 (After the stream crossing, look left across the meadow for views of a dwelling.)
NEE051 (Look left to see another dwelling. Pass the All American Man pictograph.)
NEE052 (Walk past an area full of cactus.)
NEE050 (Cliff dwelling)
NEE060 (Giant dwellings)
NEE061 (Gate)
NEE062 (Turn left to camp at SC1 or SC2. On the last day (4.1 miles), follow the overgrown creekbed south.)
NEE058 (Look far right for views of an arch.)
NEE059 (Ruins)
NEE067 (Pick up your shuttle car and return to NEE001.)
View from Druid Arch
NEE065 (More rock art)
NEE066 (Bear left on Salt Creek Trail. Ahead: The lush riparian scenery transitions back to parched desert as the trail gains 1,000 feet in two miles to the rim of Salt Creek Mesa and your shuttle car.)
Southeast view from the head of Big Spring Canyon
NEE063 (Kirks Cabin)
NEE064 (Waterfall with pool)
Peekabo Spring Trail
Angel Arch
View from beneath Angel Arch
All American Man
Upper Salt Creek Canyon