Sketch Factor 1 (1500' averaging 19 degrees)
Route to false peak (1) (Nor sure if we should sneak through the trees here w/ the option to go to the north ridge or the east.)
Sketch Factor 3 (1900' averaging 32 degrees lots of avy prone stuff but shouldn't be wind loaded. Also terrain traps and the upper higher wall would have a remote trigger concern.)
Route to Hut
Tight Trees
Sketch factor 1 (1600' averaging 18 degrees. Use normal caution.)
Sketch Factor 5 (2500' couloir tough to get beta on. Concerns: Steep, narrow, terrain trap.)
Sketch factor 2 (~1200' averaging about 25 degrees with a few steeping areas strewn about. Concerns: Convex roll overs and wind loading)
Route to Peak
Steeps and Cliffs (This west side is looking pretty steep some cliff bands. Might be possible to ski but doing so would probably mean starting on one of the ends and working over since we won't be able to see it before we drop on it.)
Tight Trees
Too flat to ski (This area averages about a 10% grade.)
Sketch Factor 3 (2700' averaging 30%. This looks to be one of the longer runs but would be a blind drop from the top and require taking the same skin path right back up.)
Sketch Factor 2 (1600' averaging 28 degrees. some roll overs but should be easy cruising.)
Sketch Factor 4 (1000' averaging 26%)
Dunderberg Hut
Dunderberg Peak