These POI's are derived from GPS Hiker App on an iPhone, or from sighting them on the map. These are key POI's for East Otto State Forest, also know as "East Ottor Reforestation Area". Details regarding this site can be found here:
Kriedeman Forest Road
Kriedeman Forest Road Spur 3
Wildlife Access Road
Kriedeman Forest Road Spur 2
Kriedeman Forest Road Spur 1
Water (This is a pond that was present at last check.
Campsite 16 (A roughed-out campsite. Has two felled trees, where you can hang a hammock/tarp shelter from.)
Campsite 1
Campsite 2
Campsite 3
Campsite 4
Campsite 5
Campsite 6
Campsite 7
Campsite 8
Campsite 9
Campsite Near Stream
Campsite 10
Campsite 11
Campsite 12
Campsite 13
Campsite 14
Campsite 15
Off Rd Campsite
Parking #1 (This is a "parking lot" at the entrance of the state park)
Stickney Pond Parking #4
Kriedman 1st Spur Parking
Kriedman Fr Parking #2
Kriedman Fr Parking #3
Metal Gate
Metal Gate
Metal Gate

Metal Gate
Metal Gate

Kriedeman Fr End #5 Parking (Rounded parking area, about 50ft from a campsite)
Kriedeman Fr 3rd Spur #6 Parking