DINO Mission 2016
Approx 24x36 Map Size
OP Boundary
OP MTB Trail
Jim Gordon - Full
Missing Data
Beauty and the Beast - Full
Horseshoes and Hand Grenades - Full
Swallows in Mud Nests
Beaver Lodge
Sloppy Nav (Too much reliance on terrain here, should have kept a closer eye on the compass.)
Sloppy Nav (Map was vague enough here that we should have switched to "precision" mode. Would have got us another point probably. Slow down and think!)
Good thing we followed the girls! (We were right that we had just passed the southern tip of the peninsula, but didn't pay attention to our heading after that. Portaging ended up being a good decision!)
Beaver Lodge
22 (Upper end of re-entrant (junction) )
23 (Saddle on spur )
24 (Southeast corner of cemetery)
25 (Re-entrant junction)
26 (Hilltop)
27 (Saddle)
28 (Spur)
29 (Saddle)
30 (Under bridge )
6 (Spur / small cliff)
7 (Hilltop)
8 (Hilltop)
9 (Distinct large tree near cliff top)
10 (Cliff top)
11 (Spur)
12 (Upper end of re-entrant)
13 (Re-entrant junction)
14 (Church)
15 (Bottom of rock overhang)
20 (South creek bank)
18 (Rock wall)
17 (Ridge)
3 (North side of spillway)
2 (Hilltop)
4 (Hilltop)