DONE! Bikepack with the Krew
Day 4 (49 miles 5,000ft gain)
Day 3 (28 miles 5,700ft gain)
Day 1 (11.5 miles 1,600ft gain)
Day 2 (61 miles 3,400ft gain)
_04 Water Cache Porc Rim CG
Rock Castle CG Stream (11 miles to next source. Carry 2L)
Hideout CG Spring (22 miles to next water. Carry 3+L)
_03 Water Cache - Dewey Bridge (~28 miles to next reliable source, plus overnight camping. carry 6+L)
_02 Water Cache Cisco Landing (20 miles to next water. Carry 2-3L)
_01 Water Cache at Rabbit Valley (~30 miles to next water. Camp shortly after picking up water. Carry 5-6L)
Start/Loma Country Store
Camp 3