Lost Coast N.
Horse Mountain
Kinsey Creek
Light House
LowTide Cross1 (This single point may be tough to cross at very high tide)
LowTide Cross2 End
Gitchell Creek
Big Creek
Big Flat
Big Flat Creek
Black Sands Beach
Buck Creek
Campsite Night1
Cooskie Creek
LowTide Cross2 Start (Some Portions of the trail are tough, or dangerous to pass at high tide)
LowTide Cross2a Hard (Unpassable outside of low tide, use bypass)
LowTide Cross2a Hard Bypass (Little hike up to bypass Hard Cross)
LowTide Cross2a Hard Bypass End (End of bypass, right turn back to Beach)
LowTide Cross2b (03-JUL-08 13:47:16)
LowTide Cross2c (03-JUL-08 14:48:31)
LowTide Cross2d
LowTide Cross2e
LowTide Cross2f (passage can be tough at high tide until Randall Creek)
LowTide Cross3 End (Gitchell Creek, end of section)
LowTide Cross3 Start (This is the truly hard portion of the cross, all the way to Cross3a. There is little place for escape if you get trapped by the tide. Consider waiting if you're at a high high tide.)
LowTide Cross3a (When going south, this is the last truly hard cross, after that you can likely make it during most high tides.)
Mattole Beach
Miller Flat
Nadelos Cmpgrn
Oat Creek
Poppy Field
Punta Gorda
Randall Creek
Shelter Cove
Shipman Creek
Spanish Creek
Telegraph Crek
TH Mattole Beach