Possible Route (Climb Gothics via trail from Johns brook, ride N face. Climb back up face to saddleback traverse and ride S face Climb Basin and get back on traverse to Gothics Ride S side of Gothics Trail to Sawteeth and down back to TH)
Wright Peak and Algonquin to Avalanche and Colden (Start at ADK Loj take MacIntyre Brook trail to Wright ski trail. Skin up ride down. Continue on trail to Algonquin, summit, ride south side. Bushwack to summit of Avalanche Mtn via NW face. Ride S face. Buchwack to Colden summit via NW side, avoid lake, ride N side. Skin back to ADK loj via Marcy Brook Trail)
Mt Haystack
Mt Macry
Basin Mtn
Upper Wolfjaw
Gothics Peak
Algonquin Peak
Mt Colden
Wright Peak
St Huberts Trailhead (24 Ausable Club Rd, Keene Valley, NY 12943)
Avalanche Mtn
Johns Brook Tralhead parking (Johns Brook Ln, Keene Valley, NY 12943)