Fuji Camp approach
Pinecrest exit
Second to last rappel bypass
Last rappel bypass
Telephone trail
Campground shortcut
Mount Wilson toll road
Midwick-Roosevelt start
Pinecrest start
Telephone trail turnoff
03 R3(o) 20 Optional or Slide or Jump (Options: Rap can be rigged, if sliding or jumping the depth has to be verified for rock & silt as it is sometime shallow)
Dam Wall (Reference: downclimb, depth could be shallow or rocks so check for rocks)
04 R4(o) 20 or slide (options: some groups rappel this and others chose to slide if the pool at the bottom is deep enough, check depth for silt of obstructions)
Waterfall 15' (Optional rappel or slide, need to check depth in case silt fills up the bottom)
Final rappel
Wooden tower
Second to last rappel
01 R1 50' (when flowing rappel may be heavy water)
02 R2 60
05 R5(o) Boulder15 or dc (options include assisted downclimb rdc crack, rappel anchor tree)
06 R6 80 (drop of 50-50ft with anchor on tree 35 feet back into the grotto)
07 R7 60 chain
Telephone flat
Nature Center turnoff
Park: Midwick-Roosevelt
Park: Pinecrest
Horse trail
Trail intersection
Pinecrest gate
Reference Coyote Canyon Right Fork
Reference Muir Ravine West Junction