Sandy Glacier Headwall
Leuthold's Couloir
Little Zigzag High Hazard Route
Salmon River Canyon
Upper Salmon River Canyon
Salmon River Meadow
Pea Gravel Exit
The Tube
Zigzag Approach/Deproach
Skibowl Area Boundary
Upper Pocket
Pocket Creek (Main)
Pocket Creek (Alt)
Pocket Creek (Middle Glade)
Pocket Creek (Lower Cut)
Bennet Pass (First Glade)
Bennet Pass (Second Glade)
Bennet Pass (Third Glade)

Pocket Creek Approach
Pocket Creek Alt. Approach
Bennet Pass Approach
Peagravel Ridge Approach
Pea Gravel Ridge (Alt Approach)
Pea Gravel Main Bowl
Pea Gravel Glades
Pea Gravel Glades
Jill's Woods
Wyeast Face
Newton Clark Headwall
Cooper's Spur
Old Chute
Hogsback Bowl
Illumination Rock East
Zig-zag Glacier
Palmer Snowfield
White River Direct
Little E
200 Turns
Little AK
Short Chute
Three Sheets
White River Wall
Glade Trail
Alpine Trail

TDH South

Tom Dick Peak W. Face

TDH Skibowl Start

White River Glacier
Lower White River Bowl

White River West (Many Var.)
White River Lower Approach
Upper Gnarl Ridge (Many Var.)
Pea Gravel Upper Bowl
Potato Patch

Timberline/S. Side/Zigzag Approach
S. Side/Hogsback Approach
God's Wall
Wy'east/Newton Approach
Triangle Moraine
Heather Canyon Cat Track
Zig-Zag Deproach
Tilly Jane/Cooper's Spur Approach
Mt Hood Circumnavigation
Badger Burn
Badger Butte
Badger Trees
TDH West
TDH Center (Many Var.)

Tom, Dick, and Harry Approach
White River East
Central White River
Silcox Hut
Bennet Pass Sno-Park
Cascade Top Station
Magic Mile Top Station
Palmer Snowfield Top Station
Cooper's Spur Lot
Tilly Jane Gate
Tilly Jane Shelter
Cloud Cap
Skibowl Parking
White River TH
Meadows Main Lot
Pocket Creek Sno-Park
Mirror Lake Parking
Timberline Lodge
Cooper's Spur Stone Shelter
Crater Rock
Illumination Rock
Badger Lake
Little Zigzag Canyon (Avy Haz.)
Illumination Saddle
Mississippi Head
Skibowl Peak
Tom Dick Peak