A theoretical traverse of the ENTIRE Uintas range, from Cross Mountain far to the East to the edge of Kamas.
Uncertain Eastern portion (From the far eastern Cross Mountain to Hwy 191. Not sure about water availability or land access across the entirety of this route, which includes a lot of dirt road-walking and jeep trail traversing, as well as a moderate amount of small bushwhacking sections to link trails/roads.)
West Extension (Stitched together route, mostly on trails, but with a few small sections of cross-country travel. Should be relatively easy to accomplish, especially after hiking the entire official Highline.)
Classic Highline (The entirety of the "classic" Highline Trail hike, starting at Leidy Peak and ending at the Highline Trail trailhead on Mirror Lake Hwy. Includes a few minor detours to summit Kings Peak, see the Red Castle area, and visit Crater and Reconnaissance Lakes.)
Highline East (Technically part of the Highline Tail, but not often hiked. Is not part of the alpine tundra area, and the trail conditions are sometimes uncertain. Starts at Hwy 191.)
Alternate Green River crossing (Descending Jack Springs Draw instead of Zenobia Creek. Looks easier, although climbing back out is pretty steep.)
End of Hike (A car needs to be waiting here.)
Drop off point (Start of hike.)